Why People Steal

JAN 14 2009

Yesterday someone stole my wallet from the gym closet while I was working out. I figured this after my regular workout hours. I might be lucky for not losing everything with the wallet but I lost a lot with that.

This gym is near to my house in the south side of Chicago, I have been working out in the same gym for last 4 years and I never had such issues though I have some bad experiences from the neighborhood. Yesterday I went to gym around 5.30PM and came out of the weight room at 6.40PM, I found my wallet missing from my cabinet. I also had my ipod, watch, blackberry in the same closet but person stole it was in hurry I guess and forgot to check my backpack. Luckily I saved few things worth about $500.

I lost $30 and few of my credit and debit cards as well. All my cards are having insurance on top of it so I will be safe at that point. I lost my driving license along the state ID, they gonna cost me more $20. Overall I lost $50-$60 and my mental piece. I don’t know why that guy left my coin which I bought from Sani Mandir near to Siridi. Was he one Indian who could recognize that god, goddesses’ coin and left it for god fearing factor? Just guessing!!!

Never leave your personal belongings unlocked in public places. Lesson learned!!!

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