What is Lokpal Bill India

APR 7 2011

Whole India and Indians abroad are passionately following this issue as it relates to the No. 1 issue that India has "India Against Corruption". What is this bill and what all we know about it. This is a post that I am excited to write on, I am missing my all the daily routine work for this cause. This issue has excited me to write something after 10 months of gap. Whatever you read here is completely my thoughts, understanding and not biased at all.

Before I write about my views, if you are a complete ignorant about Lokpal Bill or Jan Lokpal Bill then feel free to read it from the Wikipedia.

I will try to keep it very simple with couple of examples from my life experience.

Advantage of Lokpal Bill

  1. Major advantage of this bill is all about solving the No.1 problem of India is CORRUPTION.
  2. Who will be the decision makers this time, nonpoliticians, non-bureaucrats, not a police officer.
  3. This bill is proposed to the government again and again in last 50 years so this holds the believe of generations and we all think this can change the system.
  4. The decision will be faster than what we have right now, the proposed decision will be 1 year and punishment will be executed in 2 years.
  5. People will not have to go through the grueling system to complain the crime.

Major Disadvantages of Lokpal Bill

This is not a mature bill, still lot many open issues, I will write them all here before I write about the possible fix for it. I could be an ignorant about the complete bill but I tried to read it from various places and I didn’t notice anyone describing these issues.

  1. Huge burden on government to run this, it needs huge money to manage the head counts.
  2. I don’t understand why it needs 1 year for decision and another 1 year for the punishment.
  3. How someone can guarantee there will be “No minister or bureaucrat influence on their investigations.”
  4. How can it be assured that Lokpal members are not corrupted? Don’t we have corrupted “judges, citizens and constitutional authorities”, who says only the politicians are corrupted?

I believe we are responsible for the corrupted system and we should be the one to fix it, government will have to support us as we support the government. Here are my thoughts.

  • How can we reduce the monetary burden on government and solve the problem? We don’t need to hire the 100% decision makers, we can hire only administrative people to manage the system and the decision makers will be the regular citizens. We all solve some issues on daily basis and we don’t need to be qualified to solve them. There are more than 70% issues in India that don’t need be investigated at all. Lets say I applied for a passport renewal and the department lost it, there are 3-4 people responsible for handling the passport and everyone should be punished equally. Let them all pay Rs 10,000 each and find out who the real culprit internally. This way I get some compensation for losing the passport and the office work as a group rather than an individual. It is a common problem in India that the staffs think them to be individual than a group and they make you run from one to other for a small task. To make these kind of simple decisions we don’t need fulltime and highly qualified people. Who will be member for this case will be auto selected and everyone will be paid something to show up at the decided place. People who are not going to show up will end up in paying huge amount so that it becomes everyone’s responsibility to participate, there can be some excuses for emergency reasons.
  • We don’t need 1 year to solve a case now, major part of the complains can be solved in 3 months and punished in 2-6 months if we make everyone to come and participate. Now the government will have at least 60 billion staff to handle the cases.
  • People participating in the cases will be informed at the site on the details so there is no upfront information available or relation build before the D day. There can’t be any influence as no one gets time, influence will come in when we give time to the case and people on the case are known.
  • How can a Lokpal member be corrupted now? Person doesn’t know anything, goes to solve a problem and takes a decision on the spot.
  • For the case that needs to be investigated properly needs some fulltime employees as the decision makers. Give an opportunity to people above the age of 50 to retire from their regular job and join the department. They have 50 years of track record to prove if they are uncorrupted or not, this head count can be 50%. Other 50% can be fresh candidates from various ages.
  • Every case should involve audience, if a person is not satisfied with the decision then he can take an audience poll for reapply. If audience support him to file again then he is not charged to re-file else he is going to pay good amount for reconsideration. Failing 3 times will lock him to the punishment and can’t apply for reconsideration to any of his cases for next 5 years.

There can be many things added to this bill to make it incorruptible. If we are just trying to shift from one corrupt system to another then there is no point in passing this. Making this bill a best one is the job of the government and we all have to participate and make it work from approval to execution. Do you agree with me, let me know here, I am open to any kind debate.

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Name: tanisha gayon

Corruption is more or less a kind of symptom similar to the chaotic personality of a child who did not receive a proper moral upbringing. It reflects the sick health of a disorderly society. Let us not leave society die a dastardly death because of corruption. Along with a fatherly Lokpal we all need a society which makes living through honest means a spontenity.

Name: San

Well said Tanisha. I still believe if a child didn't receive proper upbringing can change and correct himself during the adolescence if fallen into right group of people. This country needs a better tomorrow and I know it is coming, I am in doubt "who is ringing the bell". Will it be a government or public?

Name: sushesh singh

you have done a very good job

Name: San

Thanks Sushesh, I am glad you liked it.

Name: ashutosh

thanks guys well done

Name: akshat pandey

you have done a awesome job. i think government should notice at these big issues to make india corrupt free

Name: vishu

thanks for these important suggestions. corruption was a great problem is a great problem and i think it will be a great problem of india . by passing this bill i think we will get some relief from corruption. i do not think corruption is only in india it is all over the world but india is has the fourth position in corruption. so i think we can improve our reputation in the world by passing this bill .just hope for the best for the bright future of india. just hope!!

Name: raju verma

this is absolutely right we have to make india currouption free The major cites are Dehradun, Delhi, mumbai And all states of india you have to go to all cities and check all curoupt officers and resign them even he is a teacher....

Name: San

Hi akshat, thanks... Government could do much but more than half of the people in government are corrupted, who will take the decision, they are afraid of going out of power. This fear will kill this government, these guys are big chokers.

Name: San

Hi Vishu, yes corruption is everywhere but as an ordinary person in US, one will not see these things. I live here and I haven't came across such things. Passing the bill is not everything, executing it is more important even drafting it to the perfection is super important.

Name: San

Hi raju verma, it is not that easy raju. Almost all the government clerks are corrupted, how can we throw everyone out? Hopefully this law will generate a fear factor and couple of examples in front of them will force them not to indulge in such activities.

Name: deepak kumar

for proper prevention on corruption there should be prevention of flow of rupees like 500 & 1000. & all transaction should be done by cheque medium or by online transaction & release only 10 rs note for small transaction. if this process will impliment then 100% accuracy will carry on.


wl sd deepak kumar i m also agree with u .. major reasons for corruptions are d bigger notes. it just dont add corruption to country bt also invites all neighbour country to run forgeiry notes to india. bt one n all india is d most corrupted country from tip to top all r corrupted. lets wish india overcome all d hurdles on d way of becoming a corruption free n developed country..

Name: ALOK

I do agree that withdrawal of bigger notes from market or economy will help in fight against corruption, but today its very difficult for indian government and RBI to maintain enough supply of small denomination notes. there is large amount of cost involved in storing, maintaing and supplying small denomination notes. Therefore on practical point of view its almost impossible to withdraw big notes in a rapidly developing country like India. For electronic transactions we neither have sufficient infrastructure nor literacy level is high to use such sophisticated payment system. Definitely we ought to look for some other alternative weapon for fight against congenital corruption.

Name: Gourav Gurjar,From Harda. M.P

Thanks to anna hazare for bring awareness in the people to wrong system. Now, "Time say", the system should be change.

Name: San

Lok pal first need to start and there is always scope to ammend some part in the course and practical problems. No bill or law can be perfect it needs ammendments facing the situations. First we need a bill to start with. The police who protacts the criminals and harrass the law aviding citizens is most suffered area should be taken care first. They get the salaries from honest tax payers money and work for the tax evaders. I personally feel police are most corrupt people and are responsible for maximum injustice of the society.

Name: Harish Gupta - harishdgr8@gmail.com

LOK PAL will ultimately act as the toll naka for the corrupt to ensure they can drive safely in the lane of corruption...

If people in government are elected reperesentatives of you and me ... and are expected to act in good faith.. I dont see a reason for a LOK..PAL...

Need to adopt strategies like Singapore and Malaysia ... start having unimaganable punishments and fines for convicted...I agree there will be a collateral damage in this scenario .. but real rate of crime and corruption will decrease due to fear motivation

Name: Moin

Thanx man ... U have really helped me in understandin jan lokpal billl :::: once again thanx a lot for ur help ....

Name: San

Thanks Moin. I am glad that my post is really helping people to understand more about the bill...

Name: pooja

yes i totally agree with the above matter. this will definately work.

Name: Cenil george thrissur

First of all am thanking you for giving such a great information. You have done a very good job.............. I really appericiate u. I can understand more about lok pal bill through ur article. bye cenil george thanks a lot

Name: Apurva

i have a doubt about lokpal bill. a debate competition is being held in r school on 15th of july..........im selected n the topic is lokpal bill.........im for the motion.pls comment on my problem..............i need help.im in 10th class.pls comment abt lokpal as its helping me to gain not only theory part but views of u people..................pls keep posting ur views as i need them...........if u cud help me more like posting a good nice piece of advice for my debate as u guys r older than me n have experience! pls reply as soon as u can! pls reply the moment u read this! pls pls pls guys!i'll be glad if i win!

Name: komal

hey apurva.. m srry i cudnt help uh out.. read ur part juzt nw.. m in 11th n gonna take part in debate for ths particular topic itself. did uh win tuhday..? n anythn uh as a compititor wanna gv meh any advise.. wud b glad if uh reply meh..:)

Name: yash

i also have debate yaar si\o i cant help u

Name: Hardik Raval

we all have heard this, no nation is perfect, it has to be made perfect. WE , THE YOUTH OF INDIA, will make INDIA - THE PERFECT NATION. what we need is , support. support JAN LOKPAL BILL.. a step towards perfection. JAI HIND



Name: shivangi

thanks to anna hazare aware of this bill my family also with u. go and get brite future in india

Name: Spandita Mahisiya

It will very helpfull for public

Name: Spandita Mahisiya

Thanks Anna Hazare we all are with you

Name: achus

corruption can also be told as a quality handed down to us by our ancestors but it is our wish to continue spreading the evil of corruption or put an ultimate stop to it. i thnk its the job of the prsent generation and the youth to bring abt the change . and the worst part is i've got a debate and i'm posing against the lokpal bill even though i wud like nothin better if the bill wud've been passed...........the dabate i son the 5 augst

Name: neha walia

thanks! for the content i badly needed something for my project

Name: ayushi bidhat

hey guys u all r absolutely correct corruption has covered our motherland like plague which can only b removed by brushing up our constitution in d form of jan lokpal...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Rajendra Singh Rathore

thnx yar for giving all the information abt lokpal bill..my full support is there for my country to make it corruption free..JAI HIND.

Name: Dilip kumar Bishnoi

All are known ábout currupt indian pollitiaction.all are responsible for this crine we should choose the good govt.

Name: satish sehwag

i think, time to cme out, raise voice against corruption, and remove criminalisation of politics


thanks to anna hazare sir who raise the voise against corruption. i think if the bill will be pass. 99% indian will be happy. the thought is right unity in diversity. if we are one and raise the voice against corruption. no one can stop our voice

Name: harsh

the lokpal bill is gr8 in the short run but is not valid enough for the long run

Name: tarun khatri

as far as mine concern your work on this topic is exileant but i have an another query with it i m not satisfied with your elaboration. but my issue is how the lokpal member work if they get pass their bill from the parliyament. if there is an procedure is fix to do payment or the remunaration for there exlusive time which they are giving to our country.

Name: San

Hi Tarun, I am sorry as I am not following the bill very closely and it is also hard to find what are the things been proposed to add in this bill. I was trying to convey the message here that don't let anyone know who all are going to judge a case because one can bribe once he knows the person when it is not disclosed then how one can do so. Best exp: it is not clear who is going to check JEE papers else people would never mind to put some money to get through. Everything will be declared to everyone upfront but the identity of each other will remain hidden till they all get into the courtroom. Panel member will solve the case there and get paid per case at the end of the month or whatsoever.

Name: Jhanvi Tiwari

u helped me a lot in preparing a subject matr dats in fever of d motn..........olll thnxx to u.....!!!!:)))))

Name: Aparaajita

i am 101% agree with ur thoughts. thanx for sharing such a valuable thought with us. I promise u i will do my best to eradicate corruption at my level and hope that like me, every Indian would also try to get rid of it as its growing like any cancerous disease and swallowing everyone of us........

Name: Mukesh kumar sahoo

something has to be done. There is nothing else we can do about the corruption. If this bill get passed i am sure atleast some percentage of corruption will be removed. Lets all support this bill. And hope the best comes out of this bill.

Name: Mukesh kumar sahoo

Here i am expressing my solution to the problems like Eradication of corruption, Control of Fake currency, Hawala transactions, Inflation, Financial Crimes, Thefts, Goondaism, Bringing back our Indian depositors currency from Swiss Bank (govt estimated currency declared in press RS 1,45,000 CRORES in Swiss Bank),and improvement in circulation of currency in the country. SOLUTION;-( DEMONETIZE) CANCELLATION OF THE PRESENT SERIES OF CURRENCY AND LEGALISE THE BLOCK MONEY BY LEGISLATURE AND PARLIAMENT. AND ALOW ALL INDIANS ,NRI S ,TO GET BACK BLOCK MONEY OR ANY TYPE LIKE HAWALA ACCOUNTS ETC, WITHOUT PUNISHING ANYBODY OR PUBLICISING OR PENALISING OR DISCLOSING NAMES OF SWISS BANK HOLDERS, OR ANY OTHERS , LEGALISE AS ONE TIME SETTLEMENT. AND FURTHER RS 10,000/-PER MONTH PER INDIVIDUAL ONLY ALLOWED TO TRANSACT BY CASH. AND BELOW RS1000/- VALUED ITEMS ONLY BY CASH ALL OTHER TRANSACTIONS THROUGH BANK CHEQUES OR CREDIT,DEBIT, CARDS ONLY. Our country s population as per 2011 cences 1250 crores. if the government deposit on individual account of every citizen as social security deposit,the amount of RS 2 crores each, total deposit equals to RS2500 crores. On this individual deposit gets RS 2 lacks per month as interest. that amount can be spent as individuals Free education, life health, insurance coverage,old age pension ,unemployment Aid,corps insurance, etc. Please think and ask our

Name: harshit

dats really good if lokpal bill is paseed....!!!

Name: San

Hi Mukesh, many of your points are good but these are separate issues, this has very little to do with lokpal bill. You have talked more on economy. If I understood well from our current issues then we have almost 2 major issues running simultaneously that are "fighting against corruption" and "stronger economy". Our monetary policies and tax collection laws are not strong enough, that also needed to be touched to control the inflation. Too much of black money is floating around.

Name: Jill

Dont vote for Congress as they fear jan Lok Pal Bill. They are against Anna Hazares style of peaceful protest which was used by freedom fighters against British. Such a shame to see Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi to be part of such unjustice. I am sure they know at the bottom of their heart that they are doing wrong.

Name: Jill

जन लोकपाल विधेयक Rocks. We Indian have become so used to paying bribe and facing injustice that it seems so normal. The chalta hai, hota hai attitude needs to change. Anna you are what we want. We support you.

Name: ravi

you are doing a gud job bro

Name: Anant

this is a good move to clean the corruption from our country but you should also check at the other side that it has got a huge demerit like if you r the pm of r country and u r to sign a deal then if somebody even blames u unneccesarily then u are helpless and disturbing the people which u have choosed is totally wrong and the people are opposing the congress govt wich has shown a drastic change in the last 7 years which u also have to admit surely so please think and act positively and just get an idea about the total sinario and then act on it

Name: sunil

Highly corrupted people are politicians and bureaucrats, can we think that politicians will make this possible and make this happen.

Name: Maithili Deshmukh

To combat corruption, we definitely need an independent body like Jan Lokpal to keep a check on the political institutions.Lokpal-as the members propose is answerable to the people. so more or less, chances of having corrupt members can be reduced if we people protest in that case.And I feel, some solid movement like this( formation of jan lokpal) is a good headstart towards fighting against corruption. Better than nothing. no ?

Name: S. Banerjee

If the Govt is good why they are hesitating in passing the Lokpal Bill?

Name: Mrinmoy chakraborty

Your work is appreciable..hope the lokpal can restore the unlawfullness..but i feel apparently lokpal being kind of symbolic..actually the response that it recieved and the mob coming down to streets have anguish and agony of their own and its against every ill of the society..ofcourse corruption being the one of utmost priority..it needs to be adressed-the call of the hour..nwz moving to the point,me too not that walkyvowel about the bill..but a proposition of Anna's lokpal seemed so absurd and not at all concievable...its not a big deal to convince or bribe 1/6 fraction of the House..if someone harvouring ill intention wishes to..as the bill goes by,thus they can call upon non confidence motion in the parliament at will..rendering instability to the Govt at centre and leaving the House in chaos..and we can apprehand that,as ours is a working political anarchy!..thus it will be impossible for a Govt. to bring in major reforms,pass bills or make amendments for sensitive issues like reservation which will always have many people in the parliament opposing to it..though everyone knows deep in heart its not ethical and needs to eradicated or reimposed on other grounds..can you justify it on behalf of Civil society?

Name: kasfa hussain

well we have always learn that India is a democratic country and it means that it is by of the people for the people & and to the people but now it means that politician are off the people far from the people and buy the people is'nt it

Name: divya

good job man.. but i need to clarify tat, s lokpal bill gud fr our country..?? as we all know how deep is corruption rooted in india, corruption is rampant everywhere.. in dis case will lokpal uproot corruption..?? doesn''t it sound lyk a new govt form which might be not gud fr us..???


thanxx 4 ur thought it helped me in my debate and also helped in understanding the LOKPAL BILL.

Name: San

Hi Divya, you are right. It can be a huge failure like any other laws. There should be a million point touched before passing it. All the loopholes should be patched with concrete. I have one example for you, a case needed to be finalized in a year but if fails to do so then who is accountable for it? Is it discussed anywhere? I might have lost it.. Our current law also has almost all but nothing is executed, this is the main problem. Execution is more important than making new ones.

Name: nikhil saini

anna hazare is doing good but there is no use of alll these hunger striikes and aanshans. but what about the lokpal members who will run that system. can any body take responsibility of them. Well said "How can it be assured that Lokpal members are not corrupted? Don’t we have corrupted “judges, citizens and constitutional authorities”, who says only the politicians are corrupted."

Name: San

Hi Nikhil, I can understand your emotions. Whatever he is doing is good but he needs to make sure this bill should have no flaws and this government should not fall in the meantime. If we have a unstable government then this bill will never get passed. I still believe there is a lot to work on this bill else it seems to have tons of issues in a real working world and finally a huge failure.

Name: arvind

we just want to reduce the corruption n currupted people becoz lots people they dont have maximum salary for facing corruption so our government need to understand the problem of that people please think about them becoz they are the future of our country if will not stop this corruption so one day in india there is only staying that paople who earning more 50000-60000/- per month so please save us...............n i want to tell our government is huge failure ever so please support anna hazare only he thinking about the country n other people thinking about self onlyyyy...............

Name: Hina rawat

I also think d same... if u want a corruption free conutry make urslf crrptn free...... i ws also thnkng 4 sum modification in this bill which will make our country No.1 ... did u noticed a beautiful thing in this protest that people of india fgot thr religion and community at prsnt they r only indians as be4 independence.... this is good na...

Name: San

Hi Hina, you are true... I never saw such a huge force, it kinda reflects the real strength of mass...

Name: ashok singh

I am with Annan hazare, I wish that corruption should be finish in India. Coruption is like a cancer. Due to corruption we can not proper progress. because about 80% population of India are poverty. So poor people are unable to give money for any purpose. Regrds Ashok Singh

Name: San

Hi Ashok, I value your thoughts and I guess even the rich people of India are supporting this bill. No one wants to be a part of corruption but everyone is kind of in a society where we are bound, hopefully a perfect law can patch this flaw in our society. Remember only a law will not solve the problem, a perfect law and proper execution can eradicate corruption from India.

Name: gaurav shukla

guys i have read all your comments but would like your attention on a different platform World bank has invested more than 14 trillion dollors in india and all has gone to the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats of india primarily to the people of congress as per the present scenario US is losing its identity and within next 4 yrs their economy will crash, to them India is place of investment and return but till now they cannot do anything of these politicians because of the poor legislation in India, so they are funding this Anna Hazzare movement. The first declaration is going to be post the completion of Jan Lok pal bill is bring our money back from US as a result this money will reach to the Indian Govt and then US will demand for its funding through world bank given to india and the entire money will reach to US and people of this nation will not be able to beniefit from the movement but one thing is for sure this movement is the last hope of all indians( to me its the same situation as been done by MK Gandhi on namak toro kanoon and in just few nights gandhi becam a national leader. though he was not a true leader

Name: San

Hi Gaurav, I think you are big scale ignorant. Where did you pull these numbers and where did you find these countryside gossips? If you want to know about India's GDP and total debt then go here. Educate yourself please.....

Name: shashikant adokar godavari MBA jalgaon

dear friends its so golden opportunity for every one to minimised crupption its not nessessry thas only politician is corrupted then lokpal will change the whole system but our support is most imporatant for changing the country people support is most imporatant

Name: Rahul mishra

The "we corrupted" thing is the base of all corruption .We want to make our things done quickly and hence raise corruption and govt. employees get used to it , first we have to make ourselves patient then the things will come all good. BE PATIENT, CHANGE THE SYSTEM

Name: milint

dear if it all happens then where will the judiciaries go & what will they do the decisions cant b taken coz every finger is not same to other not every body will b satisfied with the decisions of others. dear some powers r necessary. what supreme court will do ....???

Name: pavan

work should done quick , u r idea is good

Name: Tokar Lollen

Yahan likhna vakwash hain. Desh keliye itna sochte ho to Delhi chalo, Anna ka sath do.

Name: ramprabhu

well its been a long journey for lokpal n finaly its passing time for it. its realy gud to pas it, but is it possible for us to execute it properly. Do you think only politicians are involved in corruption, no we all are part of it in one or the other way either by taking bribe or by giving. if the bill is passed, the coming few month-years will be the testing time for all of us(indians).

Name: San

Hi Rahul, you are correct, patience is really needed. We need to be patient and at the same time everything in India should define a time frame. I should know how many days it will take to get my university certificate when I see my friend got it in 2 days then I look for ways to get it fast and hence land up in bribing.

Name: San

Hi Milint, I still believe Judiciary should stay away from it. You can reduce the work load of Supreme Court but don't make it fall under lokpal bill because on needed some force should be there to intervene the work process of Lokpal. You can keep a claws, it will remail outside for 2-3 years and can be considered later, you can also put constraints on intervene.

Name: San

Hi Tokar, do you have a cellphone? Do you call your parents and friends when they are going through bad time or you just visit them? We are talking here and it is a way to support the cause, everyone on this earth can't reach Delhi to support the cause, if you are in Delhi then good if not then also good but support the cause.

Name: San

Hi ramprabhu, You are 100% true and I think I said the same on my facebook wall. Can I promise to stay clean rest of my life? honestly no. Make a law and force me to be answerable for all my misdeeds.

Name: Vishal

As my friend raise a topic of disadvantages of Jan lokpal bill , I like to high light on this .... We are eduacated people so at least we can do few thing without corruption but you well known that most crowd of this country are uneducated or less eduacated and living in villages , they don't have any idea how to fight with corruption in gov. Offfice . So thts why think about those people , and I am sured this Jan lokpall bill will help them out and give courage to fight with corrupted officers , please support Jan lokpal bill .

Name: Adarsh Kumar

what shall be the definition of corruption? Dont you think this is very subjective matter?


99% of the generation have addicted for easy money.. do u agree this... natural truth is when u work hard work the money which u get out of hard work can only digestable to our bodies.. what ever earn from other way will go the same way... the thinking of PEOPLE should change.. - CORRUPTION is nothing but earning the money in faster access - a small work from govt office i try to feed an officer to get quickly. here the mistake from both side my personal advantage and officer helping in sortout my problem quickly.. SOME PEOPLE SAY THIS IS NOT CORRUPTION THIS IS A DEAL between two persons.

Name: prashanthi

good work

Name: vannavada

the government have 2 pass the bill. v indians have 2 feel it as respnsibility

Name: aaryan

too many comments...i love indians.... aare kisi ek ko sudhar k dikhao.. dr l be no corruption trust me...m started 4m very begining....nd got success just in two cases....

Name: Kurt Cobain

This bill ROCKS. Consider this: our only way to better life (atleast for our kids ) is thru' this bill. wiki leaks expose: a few ministers have in excess of 5000 crores stashed in swiss banks! Bring on govt acceptability. For those who oppose the bill: try getting a passport, licence or expanding your biz effectively without paying a bribe. And yes, there could probably be overseas interests in this bill. THIS AIN'T GONNA BE EASY.

Name: anna

anna doing great job.

Name: rahul yadav

its human nature that we cant belive on anny one fully but we dont have any other option.

Name: Rekha Gore

I do not see any provision of electoral reforms in both versions of the bill

Name: rohit singh

i never seen such a great article on lokpal bill .......... great job sir nice........

Name: Dr. Khalid Rayaz

many thanks for good attempt to educate every citizen of india about the jan lokpal

Name: sudeep Tanwar

This is the right thing against curruption so this anna janlok pal should be passed with high majority through govt and all the leaders,officer etc should be in jail for whole life if any found involved in curruption

Name: mohammed ghouse

The solution and the Suggestion is extra ordinary, Should be taken seriously and apply them in the lokpal bill. This way and many of this kind of suggestions a great & Perfect India is not so far.

Name: Shivam Chauhan

thanx i need these for my activity. :D

Name: sai shankar



all r keen about lokhpall bill, is it possible to prevent corruption with this bill.. just think... OK it's revolution we should agree,,, say let's feel that bill passed successfully.. i would like to point that CORRUPTION cannot just run away.. there should be vigorous punishment for the culprits--- looking at this no other person dare enough to do such things.. my friends THE LEGAL SYSTM SHOULD BE PERFECT NO... just think..

Name: San

Hi mohammed, I am glad you also liked some of solutions like others. I hope and pray some of the law makers should stumble here and work more on these ideas to implement it perfectly.

Name: San

Hi Raghu, I don't think intensity of punishment has ever irradiated any crime. I think more important is finding a culprit and punishing him as early as possible. This should be the strategy. At the same time we should not be too liniment on punishments or very hard.

Name: Debasis

It is not possible to wash out corruption fully from the whole world, 90% of the total citizens of India are corrupted is it possible to punish all. If not then please stop this drama immediately. Who will be the leader of Jan lokpal bill, who will take the guarantee of nnon - corruption of that team or person.

Name: chaman

The order of corruption is Ministers, Business, ias and their departments, ips, general public, judiciary.
don't think that corruption at traffic police, pension or property registration is the main one! It is really the government spending on various projects and government schemes where people make money.

Name: vikram pathania

lokpal bill is really good for r country i appreciate this and i also support anna hazare

Name: mohit pathania

We all know that there is lot of corruption in r country. Now enough, we need some change , so lets do something different and going to be support anna hazare.

Name: sushant rathore

i think the issue like corruption is nearly impossible to solve as it requires its treatment from the very middle of the public. each and every member of country public is corrupted even anna hazare may also be corrupted.i will also be with anna if he would make me confident that he is not corrupted.

Name: Rishab

What if some officer in Lokpal becomes corrupt? The entire functioning of Lokpal/ Lokayukta will be completely transparent. Any complaint against any officer of Lokpal shall be investigated and the officer dismissed within two months.

Name: siddharth joon

i found hina's comment totally rational. this is an issue which has made the people of india to think together. despite of all other wars on casts, religions, reservation etc. this is the war in which we all should come forward and take part. so i am in total support of LOKPAL BILL and also request the readers to invilve . ANNA is doing superb.........!

Name: Parth

Thanx for giving a brief on lokpal . Actually it is not a problem to pass this bill but to execute this is going to very crucial. I think if one institution will get the full authority , they will may be corrupted soon by getting the power. Let see how it is going to be executed.

Name: vijay

The problem is in its implementation...just passing a bill will not cure corruption...thanx 4 d suggestions...

Name: monica

u all guys r having gud thoughts . . ur thoughts wil help me on my debate comp.. . .thanks guys thanks a lot

Name: anil

sum of my friends are against jan lokpal bill n even i many times i fighted with them saying u ppl r wrong.u now guys what they said corruption is needed to make money to be rich . even sum times i went to beet them, me not getting whats to do with this ppl ,how to shat thr mouth.


We all know that there is lot of corruption in r country. Now enough, we need some change , so lets do something different and going to be support anna hazare. WASTE GOVERNMENT, EVERYONE SHOULD BE SUPPORT ANNA HAZARE, EVERY POLITICIAN HAVING SO MUCH OF MONEY,BUT POOR PEOPLE DONT HAVE MONEY ,

Name: sounadrapandian

i wish you all the best to introduce the lokpal bill.i accept with you.

Name: San

Hi Anil, I can understand your emotions but you are not required to do anything with them. Let them put their views but if you like the cause and the bill then just support it in whatever way you find or like.

Name: Raj Adsul

Man you are really vry good... I totally agree to this and I am supporting ANNA for what he is doing... It sound really vry gud... and INDIA will definitly be corruption free....I actually dont see any harm or disadvantages in it. we need a drastic change in INDIA. Since INDIA is really a very beautiful country but b'coz of this unwanted people it shows up the corruption & I strongly believe that this government will never do good to the country..... ANNA AAP AAGE BADO HUM TUMHARE SAATH HAI... Good going guys by supporting ANNA....

Name: k gopikrishna

i support him, to become INDIA free from corruption jai hind

Name: Daniyal

Mr. San dekhiye ye to sahi kaha aapne ki kya bharosa hai ki lokayukta corrupt na ho, aap ne es bill ki kai sare disadvantages likhe hain aap theek hai, aadmi dwara bnaya gaya bill hai to usme adwantages aur disadwantages zaroor honge. Dekhiye kisi bhi mudde ko agar aap negative le ke jaen to wo jaega. Ye bill Hong Kong k ICAC se liya gaya hai aur aaj Hong Kong me corruption nahi hai. Mai nahi kahta hun ki es bill se 100% corruption door ho jaega par aap ese ek experiment ki tarah dekhie ek bar ese lagoo to hone dijie pahle se hi dar jane se kya faeda. Aaj tak ham apne bhrust netaon ko vote deke mauka dete aae hai ek bar ese bhi dijie. Mai aap ki soch to nahi badal sakta par zara sochiye jis party ko aap vote dete aaye hai kya usne kabhi aap k liye kuchh kam kiya fir bhi aap usi ko aankh band karke vote denge zyada hoga to aap vote hi nahi denge. Jab hum jante hai ki ye party ya ye nete bhrust hai fir bhi use vote dete hai ki es baar kuchh achchha kar de , to ek bar es bill ko bhi mauka dijie.

Name: Pukito kiho

Thanks.... it was really helpful to me.

Name: Praveen Desai

Thanks evrybody fr ur comments..it was really helpful 2 me..

Name: Nagraj Naidu

I am Really Supporting the Jan Loak PAL Systems to be implemented this time,the situation now is that " ABHI NAHI THO KHABI NAHI" and how far we will be crushed under the corruption,tho we are also the part of the corruption. But some one some were one should Take a decision, to turn back and raise the voice , Anna Hazare has done it now we have to support him . Anna Ji You are doing a Great Job; Keep Going. we will win the Battle.

Name: Johnny

In my thought few more points should be included such as
1. Recovery of our wealth / black money deposited in Swiss and all other international banks through out the globe.
2. The names of the culprits who deposited the money should be declared, investigated and sent to prison.

Name: sinu


Name: ammuvel

hi i support LOKPAL being INDIAN


we all know that the rate of corruption is very high.After some time,it can touch the sky.So we can gave our much-much contribution in decreasing the rate of corruption.I am also agree with the contribution of Anna Hazare and r people. JAI HIND

Name: vineet chauhan


Name: satish patnaik(dav public school}

i support jan lokpalbill


when u r calling evry one including the PM corrupt u hav very less space for negotiation left . just by having a large group of people supporting u doesnt mean u r always right . in case of anna hazare it is sheer blackmail why is he so stubborn abt his decisions . after all he has been popularized only because of media and some political support. otherwise there r numerous people sitting on fast for god knows how many demands. his fast just elaborates on his stubbornness.

Name: soumya

Lokpal bill has to be passed but the demands of Anna Hasare are not practicable in the present situation. Prime minister and the Judiciary has to be excluded from this. If they come under the lokpal and the bill is passed in the present situation it will lead only to a political confusion. Also the private and corporate sector should come under the purview of lokpal..

Name: pinky

The serious issue to think of the risk that if such a huge power comes to a group of people those who are not elected by us... and naturally if they become corrupt then Lokpal will be a gateway to even more dangerous corruption that we can't even think of

Name: parushi

Thanx Anna.We really proud of u.Anna ji u r at the age of 74 and having so much energy that is bcoz of the surroundings, atmosphere and facilities in which u have grown up and that is an example for the youth to live a life like u. Anna ji go ahead and the whole country is with u for this noble task. JAI HIND. JAI BHARAT. JAI HINDUSTAN

Name: DR.Anil Sharma (Himachal Pradesh)

yes u r right Parushi. Anna u should go ahead and fight for our country. We all are with u.

Name: Madhusudhan.G.R

Corruption is a burning problem in our country.This is one of the reason why INDIA is not emerging as a global power.So we , the young blood of india has to bring the change and we have to rule our country & not the old and corrupted politicians. "come on lets bring a change . We can and we only can bring the change." message me :grmadhusudhan777@gmail.com ,we can form a community.

Name: shruthi kamala

we should support anna and make our india non-corrupt

Name: Vithal

Its an good fucture to our india from anna hazare. Thanks to anna hazare

Name: Swadeep Srivastava

well said Mr. Daniyal..i agree wid your statement .. lets take a chance at least. n i think we all should take a step forward like Anna ji instead of giving votes to those loosers who only bother about making money and playing politics.

Name: Chitra Guha

gr8 job indeed.... thanks for sharing in detail.

Name: rohan awati

naad khulla............very nice job...........

Name: shajibai.antony

Corruption is not with some else as we thing , it is everybody.And it all starts with when we need something .lolpal or jan lokpal if it serves good wel. Infact it is made to serve good. And what ever it may be it should bring justice and peace in nation.

Name: Samir Bhardwaj

Corruption is same as corrosion, starting from upper layer of body to the center of it. Its effect is same in our society it first started with famous personality to the simple human being.

Name: Gagan

All good

Name: Ram

How it is useful to village people? How should they report to the lokpal?

Name: parushi

We win Anna and thats only bcoz of u.THANKYOU

Name: Samir Bhardwaj

One question always strike in my mind, what ll be the procedure to send the jail to guilt and how this bill ll implement to the village level. 2nd thing how many people ll involve to run the whole system for lokpal.

Name: San

Hi Samir, it is tough to say how this will be implemented from now. At least I can guess there will be some kind of office through out the country, i don't know how interior it can reach though. Hopefully at least one in each dist or block. It will be similar as a court/police office where you go and report a case then everything will go from there.

Name: Samir Bhardwaj

I also thinkd lyk dt,lets see how they are implimenting it.

Name: Yashwanth

awesowme strike keep it up

Name: harsha

good strike, we need to support, so that we can succeed

Name: Arunima Basu


Name: ajit

now govt should think properly throughly how to put right person to handle the investigation case. first u have to select 50% retired people those already did their job on investigation field,lawyer,judges etc coz they can handle the case properly coz of exprience and remaining 50% will be from young side they are th e real supporter of india

Name: shubhangana

great work and clearly it is true that people in public offices do think them selves as an individual worker and probably this is the reason things delay . but somewhere they all are binded together to take bribe , today they have an expertise in it.

Name: rashmi

God forbid if everything goes well and we Indians dont change, ten years down the line we may land up bribing a Lokpal member to punish an innocent. As we all know every law has a flaw. Lets hope this bill is gonna chage Indias face to some extent.... May God keep on producing more n more MUNNAs n ANNAs

Name: smritipandey1221@yahoo.com

why lok pall needs one year to take decision.. and next 1year to punish... why? i m not against lokpll bil but this question is too much disturbing me???

Name: ayush

why lokpal bill is not consisting the NGO in it they r d root of this curruption?

Name: Anil

thanks guys 4 information..

Name: tarun

i appriciate all of u guys but tell me one thing , if the parliament passes the jan lokpal bill , then how it relicate the curruption , as anna says it relicate the curruption its the result not the way to finish the curruption, and if it not passed then the curruption will increase simuntaionuly like first we have to give 50 or 100 rupee for a small work then it changes to 500 or 1000 if it incressed like this then how the common people survive,,,,,,,,,........

Name: prasad

i like the lokpall bill it will avoid corruption

Name: Vampsang

Y r we folowng ana hazare lik the band piper of hamalin????we r the onez who r corrupted then hw cn we blam otrz?

Name: Rahul Sharma

If you are looking for a strong revolution then we must revolt with arms

Name: sakshi sahu

lokpal bill is the correct decision to stop corruption.

Name: shilpa singh

the day when every person will be like anna hazare that day will change the whole world

Name: Vishal Ratna

nicely said tanisha.... corruption is a rust in human nature not in bureaucracy ...!!!!

Name: Rahitya

....just passing the bill does not make any sense,the execution of it is all that matters...!!!and i feel,we are talking about an independent body,with members not corrupted,not being influenced by govt.,or officials..when such a body exists, why cant every individual be of such a kind!!!that makes CORRUPTION FREE INDIA in no time... as its said,corruption is the rust in human nature....!!

Name: manish gupta ali

i appriciate all of u guys but tell me one thing , if the parliament passes the jan lokpal bill , then how it relicate the curruption , as anna says it relicate the curruption its the result not the way to finish the curruption, and if it not passed then the curruption will increase simuntaionuly like first we have to give 50 or 100 rupee for a small work then it changes to 500 or 1000 if it increased like this then how the common people survive,

Name: harshita rai

thank god now i can see india shining. no politician, non bureaucrats and no police officer involved in investigation. jan lokpal is just a starting movement against corruption n the result will surely be positive. indians r not sleeping after all. if can force the govt. to pass it we can surely handle it long.... thanks annaji we r proud of u.....

Name: rupshikha

now the evil politicians who eat poor people's money will be inside jail eating chapattis made by the poor


HI SAN, I have read your view about the bill. I wanna reply to you about the disadvantages you have cited.

(1) We can reduce the monetary burden on government and solve the problem very easily. I will come to it later.
(2) You will understand why it needs 1 year for decision and another 1 year for the punishment. Go in any court let it be high court, Supreme Court or on the district level, any matter of corruption can not be resolved in less than 5 years minimum (for minor offences only). I am not including consumer forum. They are effective. For major offences you will have to start counting from two digits (e.g. 10 years). In such a situation I think time phase is reasonable.
(3) You can never guarantee there will be “No minister or bureaucrat influence on their investigations.” Let it be any system, a time comes when we have to believe to some human being and there is no machine has been invented till date which can peek into our feelings. In present sceniaro I feel that responsibility of investigation by Jan Lokpal/Lokayuct is for better in comparison with the existing system.

Now I come to my conclusion. Whatever you have suggested is very good but answer a simple question. You have quoted that I believe we are responsible for the corrupted system and we should be the one to fix it, government will have to support us as we support the government. Do you think government will support us? If that is the case, there would have been no need for Anna Harare, Jai Prakash Narayan. There is a saying in English “everything has its own limit”. Time has come to blind support Anna. Otherwise these politician will take the country to doom.

Name: San

Hi Alok, I do support for a new law under lokpal bill and you simply misinterpreted my words where i said support the government. Support the government by becoming a volunteer to serve the Lokpal for 2 hrs every month for free of cost so that it will reduce the overhead cost. Support the government when it says bribing is also a crime, don't bribe, I hope I am more clear in my words this time.

Name: Navneet

I m very happy to take ur views about respected Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal Bill. But still i think that does really lokpal works against corruption? As We all have read that the working of the lokpal is transparent but how we come to know that the lokpal officers really works honestly because transparent does not mean that we receive info. About lokpal every moment and there may be corruption inside the lokpal organisation.No one will guranteed that lokpal really works in india. So plz give ur views about it. Bcz i am participating in a GD

Name: punnu

u r right ,i see eye to eye with ur point navneet,i also dont think lokpal will work in our country, but after hearing the views of youth i feel now everybody wana india as a corruption free country, firstly we should try to b honest, v should try our best to remove corruption at own level bcoz youth is d real strength of any country, any politician, any bureaucrant and any officer shouldnt b d member of lokpal

Name: siddesh

what are the disadvantages of lokpal bill

Name: punnu nijjar

main disadvantage is "nobody can ensure that lokpal member will not be corrupted and it requires one year for investigation n one year for punishment but why? can u explain me the reason for it, i think everyone is under the misconception that creating lokpal will solve all corruption problems, but they dont realize it is a great risk to give all powers to single institution, what u say siddesh?

Name: sahil khurana

The loss that a corrupt person caused to the government will be recovered at the time of conviction ??

Name: Abhishek Makwana

Your thinking is absolutely correct especially d word u mentioned It is not a (MATURED BILL)this is sent percent true becoz this bill is made by Anna ji as per his emotions & attachment & also d gr8 feeling of service for d nation.........bt which technically sounds viered..........thanks for sharing such articles.........

Name: anil parihar,jammu

i m really thankful to u all for giving ur meaningful comments on lok pal bill. I'm also in a favour of passing this bill. I also beleive that it will really work, if not too mch bt gaurantee for upto sme extent......n i also want to add my point to reduce corruption that is government should anounce some policies like reward system,if any person will give any solid proof for a bribe he will be rewarded......it will work

Name: San

Hi Anil, i love your idea....

Name: FEMINA,kerala

nice ideass..................

Name: raghu

Hi u r reayyl excellent, marvelous. what profession r u now? My suggestion is better prepare for administrative services and get a service then u can change the fate... u r really excellent.....

Name: San

Hi Raghu, I am really grown old for civil services, I am 33 and into software profession. Thanks for your suggestion and nice words...

Name: paras

janlokpal bill cant change the whole india but still it may work


yes it's true that jan lokpal bill can remove the corruption but whole corruption can not be rooted out from india as in one way or another way the corruption arises it arises from a small unit and converts into a large corruption but its goodluck of india that Anna Hazare is with us and he is trying his best to remove corruption from india we are with Anna and if all together will cooperate corruption will ve vanished from india oneday i m waiting and hope that day is near to us . Anna is our 2nd "GANDHIJI" HE MUST BE NAMED AS BAPU .really a great man . DON'T WORRY ANNA I M WITH U . ANNA TUM SANGHARSH KARO HUM SAB TUMHARE SATH HAI

Name: Sunny Saurabh

Thanx a lot for enlighting with ur thoughts.very nicely written.

Name: Dipanshu

Thanx for writing this. I too have debate and if u didn't write it then I would die.

Name: omprakash

what it is demerit frns????

Name: Naveen Panwar

I thing it is good

Name: ajit pandey

i m totally agree with alok's matter. we hv to trust our system of jan lok pal bill. if we do not have trust on the member of bill then no one can save us from corruption. At first we should support jan lok pal bill..should hope to see a corruptionfree india.

Name: zacharia

i really support lokpal bill. practice makes a man perfect. we all prefer to have a corruption free india. lokpal provides spaces to remove corrution as it can recieve complaints even from the common citizens. citizens are the supporters of a system of government. therefore it is very much right to support lokpal bill proposed by respected anna. draft lokpal provide provisions 4 the corrupt to escape.thus i support lokpal. i have many reasons to be said..........jai anna

Name: praveen

u rock. i never knew dat wat is jan lokpal bill. i am sure dat i will win tomorrows debate cauz of u. i study in 9th and it is a gr8 help done by u

Name: sam

thnx guys 4 all ur viws n comments on jan lokpal bill..... dis will really help me in my debate day aftr 2mrw i.e.,29 nov...


Hey Anna you're doing a great job.


Can you please give me more information on advantage and disadvantage of lokpal bil

Name: priya garg

thank u to all for my understanding about lokpal bill.

Name: Maggie Brilt

your report is very concise and unriddled by difficult phrases. Thanks for making it easy for us students to understand! :)

Name: vishakha

a debate is going to be held in our school on the topic "step of anna is the right step in present era" and i am speaking against the motion. Please suggest me some points.

Name: Alok

Corruption is a kind of disease that is lying within the root of our economy. To remove this completely ,we need a moral and spiritual revolution ,each and every individual has to understand its responsibility. changing law or making amendments in constitution is not the solution.

Name: Abhiram

Thankyou man.it helped me a lot.

Name: Ashish

Freindz, We need to think abt ourself, can realy we need this? Why our PM we put in lokpal? We choose those people & send them in assembly & assembly is a super power, law for us. If team Anna want to pass lokpal they wanted to being as under legal system & Play some election game. Get an assembly power & get legal people support & made it. This is only way. Thanks for this platform

Name: akash bhanaje

this is really awesome u did a very very very good job and i have young generation support anti corruption. ''BHARAT MATA KI JAY.VANDE MATARAM''

Name: S chauhan

friends anna ji has done the right thing to wake us up towards corruption. people are aware of this and few are doing their bit to control it. My advise to team anna is not to spoil the good work they have done to unite people against corruption. I request them to let govt act on LOKPAL BILL and people are their to judge their intentions...



Name: manish

when all people of india attached to anna then world will become corruption free.

Name: manish jha

to improve this system of india lokpal bill must passsed leagle law ANNA THIS BILL EMEATES SOON


I m very impressive of the tremendous effort of an optimistic oldman(anna hazareji) of work against corruption and made the passed of lokpal bill in loksabha. chak de phatte hee hee.

Name: megha

anna did it!!

Name: ayan sinha

it is a glad for all the people of country that bill is come first in our country India.

Name: tamalika dutta

anna hazareji is great we don't have to comment on him

Name: harkirat

I m greatly impreesed by ur ideas!!!! San sir! I think Anna ji & his team should look at these points if they really want to make INDIA CORRUPT FREE!!!!!!

Name: San

Hi Harkirat, thanks for the complement. I still believe Anna's team must have gone through this article as this page ranks well in Google. I believe you came to this webpage from Google only. Lets see what is the future of this bill.

Name: kanchan

guys plz pay attention, at very starting when the lok pal bills issue is begain every one is excited about this but now few people are excited...............IN INDIA YE TO HOTA HI REHTA H NAYE KO SAB DEKHTE H JAB VO PURANI HO JAYE TO KOI B DEKHNE NI AATA H LIKE NEW BRIDE

Name: Ahmad Khan

Thanks San..... I think Anna Hazare & his team mate should tell about advantages of jan lokpal bill.

Name: ashwathy

San all you are saying about the -ves of lokpal right. i agree but i want to knw ur opinion about "how lokpal will affect our democratic system". i think that should be the evil side of lokpal.

Name: arpita


Name: shahista


Name: shekhar yadav

Lokpal is only the way by which we CAn reduce coruption in india. we should support it and let the country be out of this problem. lokpal hai to india me sab malamal hai

Name: ankush

i am thanking to you in my school work

Name: punith

well done points a nice oppertunity to develope our political thought

Name: guljeet

you done fantastic and i agree with ur views n thanks u because it helps me to collect more info. about lokpal bill. SO THANK U VERY MUCH*_*

Name: Sohan

Ya i am agree with you and i am very thankful to you

Name: amit

thanks for spreading this information among people of india

Name: casino mishra

it is unsolvable until the corrupt politicians will stay in our country

Name: prajakta

corruption has existed for so many years n its like d basic 'ingredient' of every work dey do .....n its sumwt diff 2 get thru it n just get rid of dis at once but if v ol practice it at our own levels...dis vl surely do wonders..

Name: Chander

Nice discission San sir.. i just want to add that something is better than nothing... in case of expanses burden, we are facing much more in corruption than that... in case if only 1% decrease is there it will recover the whole burden. let's support them .. Hats off for Anna JI

Name: ayush dadhich

hindi mein bhi hona chahiye

Name: javed

it helped me a lot in knowning about lokpal bill. you had done a wonderfull job

Name: gudia goel

wooo! it was more than good it was the best article that i have rad today .And thanks for all thes information.

Name: divya

well, the anna hazare has made a new change in the heart of his njanta. he had gave us a new theory. divya

Name: diva

your thoughts are marvelous but i want to know strong demerits of janlokpal bill for my debate competition. plz help me as soon as possible

Name: harini

Thank you for the idea that make me to get a prize in our school mock parliament

Name: San

Hi Harini, I am glad you picked some ideas from here for your debate and rewarded with a prize. God bless you!!!

Name: suraj

let me guide you through the disadvantages you mentioned......
1. You are saying that it is difficult for govt to run such bulky group and it requires abundance money....then tell me something if this money is wasted in other scams then it will be beneficial?
eg 2G scam....17600billion money was involved and i dont think that there is any need to tell you that how many zero this number holds. At least under lokpal bill this money will be used for good cause.
2. 2 years is the max time limit of solving cases not the minimum and also it is better then those cases which goes on and on for years.
3. They have mentioned that there will be pure transparency in there system and infact they themselves dont want anyone to influence their decision making.
4. your ques is silly one. Kiran bedi was suspended coz she asked minister not to park car in non parking area and now you are doubting on her character and also in selection of members for lokpal there will be pure transparency and only that person will be appointed who have clean background.

Name: smruti

yes, I am totally agree with Mr. Suraj. If we need a better India, then we have to support Lokpala bill. Every thing has advantages n disadvantages, but how could we consider that everyone is corrupted. We have to believe upon someone special. We are youth. The county needs us. lets support Jana lokpala bill n make an new era N stir the world..

Name: chiragsethiyajain

There are many advantage and disadvantage of Lokpal bill but this bill is helpful to the people of india so we try to support lokpal bill

Name: muzaffar

it needs huge money to manage the head counts. sir could u plz explain me this point of lok pal bill

Name: San

Hi muzaffar, this means there will be fresh appointment of too many people by the government so this can be expensive.

Name: Riaz

We never change, India never change by such bills. Example is Nirbhaya case . No improvement at all by in bringing up Nirbaya rule.

Name: Sudharshan

Firstly, politicians should change their views so that everyone can change themselves. they says morals to everyone but they dont follow them at all.

Name: Riaz

I agree with you sudharshan. but It doesnt happen. Monarchy seems better than Democracy. Saudi is well developed country to india.

Name: Tulika

According to this bill, if anyone claims that a politician is corrupted and after the checking, is found that he is clean, the person who is claiming will have to pay 1 lakh rupees as a fine and years in jail. This means that any corrupt minister can make fake papers and get himself saved and the poor person who claimed the minister to he corrupted will go to jail plus the fine.

Name: Rahamat

I think this is partial solution, initial step for Corruption. How we assure the CVC peoples are free from corruption. The main root is in Faith and Honesty.



Name: dayal kabra

lokpal bill passed is good news because in our india country lot of politcian, peoples are corrupted so this is good janlok pal bill of anna hazare

Name: Virupakshacharya

Regarding Lok pall bill can't you feel to control a hyena another hyena development is not a solution. To control the corruption first you found out the main route for corruption.All Indians are too good don't have tenancy to become a corrupt but the situation puts all Indians in a race to get their works very fast, acquiring highest power without capacity or to show up as a fashion, our people they don't know in what field they are expert and express maximum capacity simply under race and start giving bribe to compensate their weakness.Why the govt servants are taking bribe are they need to suffer tension of raid diabetes or BP, not at all they never wish but still they might taking bribe because of "Fear & Greed" Fear about their health (Medical Expense)& Greed about children education & their career. If any body needs to stop the corruption stop money making (business kind)Institutions whatever the money earn in institution must have to spend for the Institution only, founder must not take even single rupee as a profit to his home if any body want to start a Institution their aim should be popularity by the service only not a business. Like that any body open a hospital or nursing home their main aim must be service founder must not take home even a single rupee as a profit what ever they earn they must spend on employs & maintenance of hospital etc. Why I told only these two organizations, the reason is these two are totally public related that is career & health if a person secured about their children education, career & health every person will get involved in hard working to get full fill their ambitions not on taking bribe.

Name: Apoorva kaushik

I am apoorva i too have a debate in school you guys have done a great job it helped me a lot. Thanks:-)09928123988



Name: ThakurAbhishek bhati

Nice thing which people may know


I think you people are doing great job..... nice to see all these youngsters discussing about this "GREAT INDIA" Thank to everyone ...........

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