When to Give Up on Few Things in Your Life

FEB 3 2009

"When to Give up" is more important than "When to Start", I think "when to give up" is more important than "when to start". You will often come with this question in your life, there isn’t a single day that you will live without this question, better you learn when to give up on things because this is more important than anything else.

I already lived 30 years in my life and I know I didn’t start many things on right time but that didn’t hamper me a lot as I am hampered when I didn’t end something on time. When to call for an off is the most important that I learned with my experience. I am very optimistic and modest but people take you as granted when you live with such temperament. Should you change yourself as you are taken in a wrong way? No, I will never go against modesty so I will live as I always lived. What I can do in return to face people who take me as granted and gets me tough time?

Eliminate, there is a process called filtration so use that to find things/object/people that gets you problem and keep them away. Let everything to come on your way, start at any time in your life but end it when things start deliberately bothering you. If you don’t learn how to call it off than the thing/object/person will destroy you so better be picky and keep your focus on who/what are not required in your life and keep them away.

This is what I am writing as I constantly got set backs from a person with whom I have a friendship of last 20 years. This is a time to call it off. I don’t require such people in my life.

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