I Lost My iPhone 4

I am Sad, Depressed as I Lost My iPhone

APR 15 2011

Yes, it is true and I lost it. It is more than 12 hours from now and no one called me yet so I guess it is gone forever. I never keep my iPhone in front pocket of the jacket but somehow I kept it in hurry, it fits well in my jacket front pocket though.


Yesterday there was 20 Miles per hour wind from the back. I was enjoying my ride and flying like anything. Probably there was too much of movement and that made the iPhone to slip out. Well, a good lesson learned and I don’t think I can stay away from iPhone 4G. I have to buy another one but AT&T is charging me $449 for the same one, it is costly for me. I am not sure if I am buying another one soon.

It is interesting to know rest of the world is as usual even though you are sad. I shared this in facebook where I have more than 300 people in my friend list but received only 2 consolations. I know consolations are not going to get the phone back but it makes my pain little less effective.

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Name: matey

my consolations..atleast you can afford one...

Name: unknown

i lost mine too, you're not alone.

Name: mukul

dont worry. I hv an experience as I have lost 3 i phones till now

Name: San

Mukul, if already lost 3 iphones then you are filthy rich or an ardent fan of Apple.

Name: senep

2n wori... God will bless you very soon.. Keep that faith in God.

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