Registering a Pre-owned Car in Illinois, US

Posted by: San (11/11/2015 6:03:11 PM)

Have you bought a used car, if not then read my experience on buying a pre-owned car first. I am sure you will get lot of tips that will help you while going through the process.

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Buying a Pre-owned Car from a Private Owner in Chicago, IL

Posted by: San (11/9/2015 7:04:58 PM)

I recently moved to Des Plaines, IL which is near to Chicago and hardly 15 miles away from the downtown. When you have a family to take care and have no car yet is just a huge pain in Chicago. First thing I started doing after settling here is looked for a pre-owned car. Now I own a Honda Accord EXL car and here is my experience that you can follow to make your life easy while looking to buy your car in the market.

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Introducing Dr Suman Das

Posted by: San (5/4/2014 8:04:57 AM)

I know Dr Suman Das since he was only 11 years old. We lived and studied together for 7 years. After our schooling he choose to be a doctor and I always liked computers.

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Should You Buy Gold in India as an Investment

Posted by: San (9/9/2012 12:50:57 PM)

Since the day I came back to India I see everyone is running behind gold. This yellow metal was always a craze in India but I never realized it until I saw it personally after returning to India. Once I saw my friends and relatives buying lots of gold then I thought to garner some knowledge on it. Before even I start to write something on the subject I must say that I am not an economist, not an expert in finance, not a consultant for personal fund management. This came out from my interest and whatever I write here will be my views on the subject only.

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Golden Time with the Golden Jubilee of Sainik School Bhubaneswar

Posted by: San (12/28/2011 8:27:51 AM)

I studied 7 years in SSB(Sainik School Bhubaneswar) from 1989-1996. When I joined SSB I thought it’s a curse on me and I have to suffer for 7 years but when I completed my 7 years then I wanted this curse again and again to suffer for rest of my life. There can’t be any better memory in my life other than the 7 years that I spent in SSB.

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Moving Out Sell

Posted by: San (9/22/2010 9:08:39 PM)

I am selling these as I am moving back to the country for a long duration and I don’t want to storage it somewhere for no reason. Feel free to call me at 312-981-0693 if you like anything. Let me know if you need additional pictures as I might not be having for all these items.

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Used Honda Civic 2005 - EX Special Edition - 40K Miles - $11700 - Chicago, IL

Posted by: San (9/14/2010 9:09:01 PM)

I am selling my 2005 Honda Civic, EX Special Edition. It has very low miles on it, 40,000 miles. It is garage parked for 5 years and outdoor for last one year. It goes more than 30 miles per gallon on highways and 26 in cities.

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Labor Certification for Green Card Cleared

Posted by: San (5/20/2010 9:31:23 PM)

I have a good news to share with all. My employer Gaebler Ventures LLC initiated for the Green Card 6 months back. Very first step in employer sponsored green card application is Labor Certification.

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Cheapest Way to Call India: Little More Than 1 Cent

Posted by: San (7/31/2009 10:20:39 PM)

Do you wonder how the price of calls to India from US has gone down? I came to US in 2003 and rate per minute to call India was around 18-20 cents. I was a student that time and it was really hard for me to manage with such a rate. I was just able to call my parents and didn’t speak to my relatives, friends for months.

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Hassles of Data Recovery from Hard Drive

Posted by: San (6/25/2009 2:45:40 PM)

What a hassle when you see the blue screen with lots of error messages that comes just after your Windows screen. I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop running with Windows XP Home, last time I saw it working fine while I was watching a bollywood movie before shutting down for some rest. I got some error before the laptop was completely turned off.

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