A Simple Guide to Troubleshoot Your BSNL DSL or Broadband Internet Problem

SEP 15 2012

I am a subscriber of BSNL broadband internet for last 1 year, I can tell you few things so that you can troubleshoot yourself before trying to reach a BSNL technician, remember trying to get hold of a technician is not at all easy and it takes weeks to fix your problem. First of all if you are not using BSNL DSL internet then this post is not for you but you can still read this as it will tell you the basics of broadband that deals with wires and modem.

If you are not getting internet then follow these steps before dialing 1500 for filing a complaint.

  • If you are wired: Do you have the wire plugged in to your pc/laptop properly? Do you have your correct user id and password configured for this broadband account?
  • If you are using a wifi: Do you have your wifi on in your laptop? Sometimes you push the button accidentally and lose the internet.
  • Go to the modem and remove the power plug for 10 seconds before turning it on, wait for 1 minute. Do you see the DSL or Link light is constantly glowing? Refer the red circle from this image.
    D-Link Modem
  • If the answer to previous question is yes then there is some problem with the ethernet cable that goes to your pc/laptop or the modem port(#2 from the image) that’s the ethernet cable is plugged in to. Take the cable off from the current port and put it into other available port first before changing the cable itself.
  • If the DSL/Link light is flickering then check the phone dial tone. If you don’t have a phone tied to it then find a land phone to connect it so that you can make sure about the dial tone. If you don’t get the dial tone then check the wire that is coming to your home, if you don’t find a problem then call your local exchange or SDO office to report it. You can also dial 1500 but it will further linger the process. If you have the dial tone and there is a flickering DSL light then there is no problem in your wire, just call the customer care to file a complaint. It is more likely a card problem from your exchange.
    D-Link Wireless N-150 Modem Back Side

If you had to complain for some reason then make sure to follow up as they hardly have time for people those who sit idle waiting for the first move from them. If they delay it then run to the local SDO’s office for further enquiry, this is the way it works and I dealt with it.

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Name: chhitar mal

i am having problem with bsnl broadband as the DSL is stable but internet light is not blinking. I reported for it about 15 times in last 18 days, visited bsnl exchange office four times, but the problem is not solved till now. None is there ready for taking the responsibility for it.

Name: Aditya

i am having problem with bsnl broadband as its speed my speed only around 5-7kb/sec . From last month . I reported it 7 to 8 times but no body solve my issue .All give another person Phone Number.

Name: Bharat

i am having problem with bsnl broadband as the DSL is stable but internet light is not blinking.

Name: Jinendra Jain

My telephone is not working and dsl light is not glowing and when I on my wifi in mobile it says it is authentication error here.

Name: Devanathan

My modem is not working both DSL and Internet light is off But my landline is working. Also when i connected the Line straight to the modem instead to splitter box, internet works Sometimes and when I replugged again it didn't work too. Tell me something about this? what problem? How to solve it?

Name: Ashish Viradia

hello sir/Madam, I am using bsnl broadband. last 6 days my internet not working. i complained bsnl office. But bsnl engineer can't solve my problem. they have no knowledge what is problem, the engineer just waste my time. my problem is modem internet light not working and wifi not connect pc and mobile.

Name: sid

i am a costumer of bsnl from 4 month now but still i have to do some trouble many times my internet light gets red and i have to reset it it sucks BTW bsnl is only internet available in my city so i have to use it

Name: Surya

i am having problem with bsnl broadband as the DSL is stable but internet light is not blinking.

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