Ways to Check Content Plagiarism

AUG 12 2008

"Content is the King", the most common phrase is in danger. Are you also suffering to keep your content away from being copied? Do you have issues in crosschecking the content you buy from writers? This is something I have seen many webmasters suffering from and something which I am always asked by my friends.

Here are some of the websites where you can check your content and make sure that you are safe & not plagiarized.

Paid Websites for Validating Content Copyrights
1. copyscape.com - The website which I know that gives the best service for the money it charges and I also use them for validating my content. This site charges only 5 cents for one search. This search can be a webpage or 2000 word content. If you want to save your each penny then search once after merging your content from various articles that you want to post to your website and make sure that it is less than 2000 words in order to get the best result. I have seen this working fine down to 5 words only, this means if you have just 5 words common to any other indexed web pages on the internet then this is going to find that for you. They also have an API to make life simpler for you.

List of Free Sites that Checks for Content Plagiarism
1. articlechecker.com - They don’t describe anything in details but i guess if the searched phrases are more than 1 then you are colliding some other website content.
2. plagiarismdetect.com - Needs a signup, if you wish to check them out then let us know here how they perform.
3. plagiarismchecker.com - free but I guess not the best one. This leads to google with the content in a search query and leaves to you for deciding if it is copied.
4. www.google.ie/advanced_search?hl=en – The most trivial way of validating and this works the best as long as you can break your content and search in limited words.

More tips on Saving your Content from Digital Theft

You can always find an unique sentence from your web page and trigger the google alert. The day google finds the same sentence somewhere else is going to send you one email.

If you are using popular blogging software like Wordpress then use Maxpower’s Digital Fingerprint Plugin so that it will insert customized unique fingerprints to you posts and later you can set up one google alert for that.

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Name: Rachid

There are many ways to check the plagiarism online. you may check this website for more information http://www.academicplagiarism.com

Name: Daniel

There are few plagiarism check software available in the market that provides 100% authentic results for the plagiarized content. It will be better to explore the cost-effective measures to stop plagiarism.

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