What to Write in a Personal Blog

JUL 24 2008

I know this is a common question for any starter but do you know the right answer yet. Many people copy paste others’ content, few write anything to everything under one category, some just grab all the affiliate links and make a blog but is this called a personal blog? I guess, NO!

A personal blog should be everything comes from your brain should be well represented through a navigation tool to browse it later by you or your follower. Don’t start a blog thinking in mind to monetize it. There are various ways available on web to make money so don’t get confused and start motivating your content and visitors in a wrong way for money.

I have seen people starting a blog and later getting popular either by sure SEO tricks or due to their talents but they often misguide their visitors having some paid to review content. I know a person who is very famous and claims to make $60K per month once wrote a paid review on a book which he never read. Can you imagine he is referring with some vague facts and suggesting others to go and buy that book, for God sake don’t get on to your knees for pennies.

What Should you Write on Your Blog?

  • Write something about your profession, anything which you feel other should know about.
  • Write about the places you go for your vacations.
  • Write about the conference you attend.
  • You can also write about your hi-tech gadgets.
  • Write about your creative ideas.
  • Write on social awareness.
  • Write on your talent.
  • Create your own categories to post your content so that it keeps your blog clean.

What you shouldn’t be Writing on?

  • Never make a post when you are irate. Wait for few days before you write on it.
  • Never steal others’ content.
  • Never claim anything which you are not confident for else it will be misguiding your visitors.
  • Avoid throwing some content just to meet your promises, write only when you feel writing on a matter.
  • Avoid paid posting, money will bias your decisions. Your blog will be standing on your personal reputation so don’t try to sell yourself for pennies to some baseless product/service owners.

Let me know what else we can add to this list of DOs and DON’Ts. Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic. I will also guide you to create your new blog in my coming post.

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