About San Nayak

MAR 18 2008

I will frame my introduction with few questions and answers.

Q. Who is San Nayak?
A. I am a software programmer.

Q. Where am I from?
A. I am from India, currently living in Chicago.

Q. Where I studied in?
A. I have a Masters in Computer Engineering from IIT(Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago).

Q. What I do other than Coding?
A. I am a voracious reader, runner, novice photographer, among others.

Q. Why I created this blog?
A. I want to write all my thoughts here, I have many thoughts, ideas to share and I realized a blog is the best way to reach like minded people.

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Name: savan kumar

i like your article about anna hazare, it helped me a lot in my debate.

Name: Laura Jones

Hi, I like your blog, I like the way it talks about a few different topics. I want to start a blog like this. How many visitors do you get to your blog? Thanks.

Name: San

Hi Laura, thank you... I get about 50 visitors everyday as of 11/15/2012.

Name: Terps Guy

A lot has changed since 2010. Verio is now a terrible hosting company.

Name: Satya

Hi San, nice blog, and thanx for helping all, I'm new to the visa interview. I just want to know, that we can easily understand their language or not, because, I'm not that much gud in english, just want to know that.

Name: San

Hi Satya, you can understand the english. Translators are also provided, on needed you can opt for it.

Name: Varnika

If I was on h4 visa in US before .. and it has been expired. Can I go on Tourist visa? please reply asap.

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