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MAR 15 2009

Probably it is an end to all costly calls, voip got our family and relatives close at a low cost. In 2003 one call for a minute from USA to India using calling cards used to cost 20 Cents and landlines used to cost 35 - 100 cents depending on the service provider.

Now in 2009 this rate has gone down to even pennies. I am not kidding is providing reliable calls to india at a rate of 1.6 cents per minute. This is just Rs0.75 per minute when you call from USA to India, even cheaper than the STD calls in India.

UPDATE 11/12:  Now the rates are even cheaper than ever. PinlessWorld costs 1.39 cents per minute to call India, it is not only providing the services to call India but also to Pakistan, Poland, Israel, etc., Calling to India at Cheapest Price Review.

I was surprised to see the cheapest india call rate on their website and I decided instantly to give a try after reading some good reviews/comments from blogs. I even noticed the smaller amount like $5 will be enough to register with, this was the key to attract me to become their customer. I was using to buy some minutes to call india but is giving me in cheaper price at same quality, then why not I use when it is charging me 35% of used to charge me.

If you are still using online india calling cards to call india for cheaper rates than this is the time to consider and change your thoughts. There are several benefits of using to make long distance call to india, few are noted here.

Advantages of Calling India Using

  • A thing that I liked most is the rate per minute to call india, 1.6 cents, this is one among the cheapest rates available as of now.
  • You can also recharge your account with smaller amount like $5 and including tax it comes to $5.35.
  • It is a pinless service not like airtel that you have to call and enter your pin number every time.
  • It has around 515 local access numbers ( that you can use to call india, benefit of using these local access numbers is that you can use landlines and save from your cell phone daytime minutes. Not like toll free number when it gets busy then you are helpless and can’t call to your family, here if one is not working then you can use other numbers.
  • They are not like others where companies call to you to activate your account, here at activate the account just after you register with them.
  • has a developed control panel where one can manage own’s account very easily, add numbers, recharge easily, view history, etc..

Disadvantages of

I didn’t find any major issues but still noticed some minor ones that I want to share with all of you.

  • You have to dial international code + country code + local code + phone number to reach your family and relatives, they are coming soon with hot numbers to call your favorite numbers pretty fast. Hopefully they will get that up and running very soon.
  • I called customer care and it went to voice message, later I wrote them using their support ticket ( page and they got back really fast, I appreciate that.

If you are looking for some cheapest rates to call india from US then this is the one that you can try without worrying for a second. I already spoke to my friends, relatives and parents using this service for 10 times before writing this post so I can at least say it is worth to try for once. If you like their services then leave a comment here so that others can get benefited from it.

Munish: I am using Pinless service from last 3-4 month. The voice is clear and sounds good. Other service tried to match its rate with Pinlessworld by offering short period time. Pinlessworld is evergreen there is no flactuation in the rate. Keep it up pinlessworld.

@Shweeta, let us know how it works in France. I always wonder about the services available in Europe to call India so I bet many visitors here might be on the same track so help them sharing your thoughts.

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Name: Hardik

Hi, i think Indiald is cheaper than has 0.9 cents per minute...that means 500 min in 5 dollars... might give it a try...

Name: San

I also use raza which is cheaper but the quality is not as great as pinlessworld.

Name: Shamsher Singh

I wanna use this deal for my phone to call to India in a cheap way.

Name: Sam

The MOST HORRIBLE customer service I have ever come across. They will stop all the numbers and will not provide you a backup number. They wouldn't pick up any calls on the customer service number or provide any kind of email support. The most arrogant kind of service I have ever used. I am changing to some other calling card.

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