How to Cook Chicken65

Posted by: San (7/14/2009 12:04:04 PM)

Cooking time, here is chicken65 from my wife for you guys. I hope you all will enjoy as I enjoyed a lot.

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Making Paneer from Milk for Indian Paneer Curry

Posted by: San (7/13/2009 8:57:45 AM)

Are you wondering about the topic? You might be thinking what the hell San is talking about. I always thought about making some cheese that is good for Indian paneer curry but didn’t get enough time and interest. Finally I have done it and here is a guide on how to prepare paneer for Indian curry. You can also save money by not buying paneer from the market.

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Spicy Chili Chicken Curry

Posted by: San (4/17/2009 12:07:10 PM)

Chili Chicken, I always loved this curry and finally my wife cooked it for me for the first time. I thought this will be interesting to learn and write a post on how to cook this. I remember about my teen age when I was totally crazy about chili chicken, I used to visit my friend’s home and ask her sister to cook for me. I used to visit different restaurants to try this curry, finally I learned this and here is the recipe for cooking this at home.

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Cooking Ladyfinger and Peas Spicy Curry

Posted by: San (8/16/2008 1:59:36 PM)

Let me tell you that many people say I cook well so thought to share something which I cooked today. This is an Indian spicy curry prepared with ladyfinger and peas. This was prepared keeping in mind for only two people that are me and my roommate. Let’s jump into the instruction of how to make okra and peas curry.

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