Get Well Sir, We All Love You and Need You - Mr K C Hati Sir

NOV 16 2015

Sir I believe and I know you are the strongest person that I have seen in my life. You can do whatever you want. Why you can’t be a winner when we all love you like anything.

Sir, to be honest I should hate you like anything. You know why sir? Probably I am the one to whom you must have beaten and scolded the max. I was the most disobedient and notorious student of yours’ but you never left your hope behind and tried your best to get me on right track. Why should we leave our hope? We all know you are the best and you will successfully fight the cancer and live a healthy life. It is about some time and we all are looking forward to see you like before. I am not going to write a lot on my experiences with you but thank you for everything that you have given me.

Here are some that makes me proud for you:

  1. You always wanted me to be active and participate in sports but I failed to run a cross country in school. I used to lie and not attend the PT classes but I have done much more than it after getting out of the school. I ran marathons and injured seriously while doing it also. These days I run very often.
  2. You were offended for my vocabulary in the school, you remember the day I read that news in school assembly? You were so mad that day. Mr. Prasad our geography teacher said he never heard such bad news reader in his 25 years of teaching career. Today I live and work in a country which is known to be the mother of all English speaking countries.
  3. You always wanted me to pay attention to studies but I never did that, i used to perform poorly in studies and fail in few subjects as well. You were surprised when my batch mate S Mahapatra informed you about my BE admission. I even went ahead and completed my MS in computer engineering from IIT, Chicago.

Here is a picture of my family for you.

San Nayak Family

Here is a picture with my batch mates.

Mr KC Hati with SSB 89 Batch

I also want to keep my message short for you so that you can keep reading other's messages.

Guys, if you prefer to leave a message for sir then feel free to write in brief with your name and roll number. If you want to publish a family picture then send it to me at san [at] Let's show our love and respect for him.



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Name: sangram

Sir, get well soon,we love you and know you are very strong, the time how much small( exactly 3 yrs )it may be had made me belive that, thanks for all the love guidance support I have received from you sir, get well soon sir its a long time I have seen you ,can we meet this OBA ,I know u can do it sir
Thank you so much sir, S Sarangi 89 Batch...

Name: J R Das

Sir, Get well soon. I pray God for your early recovery. Regards, J R Das

Name: shweta ray

fuck off

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