How to End a Relationship

JUL 14 2008

This is my first post on my blog. I always wanted to start my own blog but I never took my first step and install a wordpress software but some incidents does change many things in personal life.

I know many people suffer at this point, when they think about “how to end a relationship”. Most people end up with yelling, shouting and fighting with each other like one happened with me.

I had an arranged marriage proposal from a young & beautiful looking girl. I met her personally at her home and committed myself by offering her a ring after 3 months of the meeting.

How they ended the relation

One fine morning Girl’s dad called my dad and said that they checked my social networking profile at ORKUT and found having affairs with some lady called PRIYANKA. They also saw my picture with her and scraps where I was chatting about the girl with her, surprisingly they never proved it.

Why they ended like this?

They have been looking for alternatives as I could see girl’s marriage profile was checked every other day. Finally they got one and didn’t find a better way to abort this marriage plan.

What they could have done?

They could have simply called me or my parents and said we are still in very early phase of this commitment so we are aborting the mission as we found a better candidate. This could be very simple and straight forward as well.

Whenever you are in a relation and want to end it for any reason then confess that to your partner and end it in a mutual understanding rather than lying to each other and ending a relationship with fights.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic, let us know how you would end a relationship.

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