Few Things That I Want to Say my Parents

JUN 23 2009

My Wonderful Parents, You need to know how much you both worth to me.

  • My birth is because of you both, I am highly thankful to you that I am seeing this beautiful world for you.
  • Thanks for feeding me 25 years and taking care of all my requirements. I know we as a family don’t have everything but that didn’t restrict you to feed me and get my basic education done.
  • Thanks for putting me in boarding school that taught me how to fight with all the odds and build on evens.
  • Thanks for giving me good ethics of life that I can live with after you people are gone.

Things that I want you to know about me

  • What if I am not the best, I will be living my life in trying to get better every day.
  • What if I am not there to take care of you at your required time, believe me or not everyday I think about you people, can’t sleep well when you are not keeping well. Every other day pray to god to keep you both in good shape till the time you are away.
  • What if I couldn’t build a castle to live in but trust me I am trying to get the best for you to live with and stay happy.
  • I know I am the strongest and can fight any odds but get dishearten and distressed when I see you both not happy. I want say you, I love you both so live happily your rest days.
  • Should I be happy that I lived a day happily with some new experiences in my life or be sad of losing one day from our scope of living together?
  • My dear parents listen me if you can, happiness and sorrows are picked by people so pick the best and live with it so that it will make my life go easy and help me in picking the better one.
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