Choosing the Perfect Girl to get Married

DEC 2 2008

Many people went through this phase through various means and it is my turn now. I have been looking for a life partner through various means; my parents also helped me in finding one for me. No doubt that in India parent’s involvement remains high on finding a bride or groom for their children so they also make the process very tedious.

They value the tradition, ethics, etc so they are also not wrong. Young generation value compatibility, mutual understanding, career goals, etc. When both are combined to find a person to get married then it is just a big mess. I have been through this process for last 3 years so I know the pain better, somehow it seems to be over as I finalized to get married to Pragyan Jena, she is from the same geographical region and she speaks my language, she eats my kind of food, she does all that what I have been doing all my life.

I am getting engaged on December 3rd, 2008 and journey to this day is just awesome. Lots of fun, pain, surprises came on my path, all these accumulated a great experience for me.

I still don’t know if I will be a part of this auspicious day or not as my tradition says it is not needed for a groom to participate. Well, whatever you say big boss(Society). It is funny to say that I got a serwani and a shoe from Kolkata for the D-day but I don’t know if I am getting an opportunity to wear that.

Here in Orissa, India, friends and relatives visit to bride’s house for a commitment puja, groom’s parents take lots of sweets, jewelries, dress and cosmetics for bride and promise the bride’s parents for a marriage over a puja. Then they all sit together to have some food which is normally organized by the bride’s family. My parents are planning to take a team of 60-70 people with them and spend 5-6 hours at bride’s house.

I might get married on December 11th, 2008, it is going to be decided tomorrow. I will write more about the bride in my next post.

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