What I learned in One Year of Married Life

DEC 11 2009

Wow!!!! Someone said time flies, isn’t it? At least it is true for me. I got married on Dec 11, 2008 and see it is already Dec 11, 2009. It is obvious that I learned many things in last 1 year and here is the time I should share with you all, who are married and who are not married. I am flying to Orlando tomorrow and I will continue to write from here while I am in the flight. Thanks to all those who wished me and those who are planning to wish me.

Give before you Ask for

We all demand/ask/ cry for everything before we give anything. The whole system doesn’t work that way, give all that you can and later demand/ask for your need. I know I have said this line in a broader form but I expect you to draw your line from here.


Some say I have no patience and few say I have lots but what I think, I hold my patience till a point if I decide not to hold it more then nothing can stop me from there. The duration of being patient has increased over last 1 year, how much that I don’t know.

Becoming more Dependent

Many times I have marked myself not getting off from my chair to get my drink, this makes me sure that I became more dependant these days by asking for help from her on silly things.

Vague Promises

I do make promises like everyone but unable to keep some of them because of several reasons, this makes me to ponder “am I making vague promises”. I don’t think so because I promise and I try my best to keep them. I always said in my college days that promises are made to be broken and here it is getting implemented on me.

Less of Cooking

When I was not married I used to cook at least twice a week and now it has become twice a month or so. Do I love cooking less? In some sense YES, in some sense NO also. I think I should cook at least 3-4 times a month.

Value of Relationship

You have always an option to go out of a relation when you are not married but in Hinduism we priest to stay married to the same lady forever and I strongly believe it because of one reason, I don’t agree with millions of things with my parents but I don’t go out and look for new parents who can agree with me on my views. I live with them happily forever so no one is perfect but we all can try to be one till the time we are live.


This is simply bullshit for me. I remember my school days, there were fights, fun, stress but we lived together. All that I know is, if my wife can’t fight with me then I will fight with her, if she can’t make fun then I will make on her behalf, she will help me at my needs and I will help her when she needs me. This is called truly living together.

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