Used Honda Civic 2005 - EX Special Edition - 40K Miles - $11700 - Chicago, IL

SEP 14 2010

I am selling my 2005 Honda Civic, EX Special Edition. It has very low miles on it, 40,000 miles. It is garage parked for 5 years and outdoor for last one year. It goes more than 30 miles per gallon on highways and 26 in cities.

Used Honda Civic 2005
  • Honda Civic 2005 EX Special Edition(40K Miles)
  • I am the Second owner
  • CARFAX, 20 pt check report
  • Oil changed every 3 months from the same dealer by the 1st owner and same auto shop by me.
  • Clean Title
  • Changed the brake pad & tires in Jul, 2011. (It costs $500)
  • Automatic Transmission, Moon roof, Alloy Wheel, AUX Stereo
  • Comment here for additional information
  • Prefer to show the car over the weekend
  • (Email info[at]sannayak[dot]com for CARFAX report and more pictures)

See all the pictures from various angle, I have about 15 large size images of this vehicle.

I am selling this car because I am moving to India for 6 months and I don't have a place to park it for this duration.


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