Should You Buy Links

OCT 22 2008

Simple and straight answer to this question is NO, you should never buy a link. Don’t worry I just wrote the first line for Matt (You know who is he). If you look on the internet then you will see tons of websites giving free advices on building back links on which search engines count heavily.

If you are already exhausted from those tricks and still your low pr (pagerank) is bothering you then YES, go ahead and buy links. You should buy links even though Google and other search engines hate it and a website caught doing this will be heavily penalized but if done smartly then there will be a low chance left for robots to figure out which are paid and which are natural links.

I am suggesting you to buy a link because I know almost every webmaster is involved in this process. It doesn’t mean if a backlink is paid means unfair and all other trading is reasonable. No, search engine heavily count on back links to a page to decide the authority and rank of the page for any search phrase so any strategy followed to get a back link is not fair. How many people in this world are there who just write and stay idle, don’t market their content, I guess very negligible. Either he/she doesn’t know about the power of backlink or he is list bothered.

I know you are bothered so you are reading this page, here are few pointers to consider while buying links.

How much of a worth is the page from where you are buying the link?

  • Is the page is on your niche? You should always try to buy a link from your niche only.
  • What is the PR? PR above 3 is a worth to buy.
  • How old is the page? It is not good to buy links from a young page which just evolved before couple of days or weeks.
  • How many back links and who all are they? Check the back links of the page and browse through the sites to know who all are they linking it. Are they all organic? Organic bank link pages are better to buy.
  • What is the traffic to that page? Ask the seller for the expected traffic to the page so that you can get a glance over your referral from the page.
  • What is the content size and how many out going links are already on the page? Content size more than 500 words are better, lesser number of out going links from the page is more suitable.
  • Where your link will be placed? Is it in the footer or sidebar? Link placed in the content and in the top 200 words is better.
    How much of a worth is the site from where you are getting a paid back link?
  • What is the PR of the website? PR more than 3 is better.
  • Who owns the website and how long he/she has been running the site. If the person running the site is the owner and he also created the website then it is better.
  • How old is the site? Older sites are good.
  • Make a google search on “domain” to check the track record and what people are talking about it. Also check with internet archive website to know more about the site.
  • You should check if the website has a bad neighborhood. Every result displayed is not correct, you have to understand the report in a greater form.
  • What is the TLD of the site? .gov, .edu, .org are the better TLDs to buy from.
  • How many back links for the site? More back links will be better for you, check for the authority back links as well.
  • How many years the domain is registered from now. More number of years is always better.

Should you buy temporary or permanent link?
- You must try to buy permanent link and avoid temporary links.

Should you buy a site wide or page level link?
- Today site wide links are evaluated more but in future it will be discounted and the root page will be considered and site wide links also look spamy so avoid it.

How much to pay for a link?
- This is a tricky question and it depends on all these factors stated above. You need little experience in figuring the right price for a backlink.

Should you buy from a link vendor or from a webmaster? How to know if the seller is a vendor or not?
- It is always better to deal directly with a webmaster and in order to know the seller is a vendor or not, you need to ask him couple of questions like when a link can come live after the payment is made. If the seller owns it then he/she will reply in 2 minutes else in hours.

Keep a track of your all the links and the contacts from where you just bought. You need to crosscheck if that is still live in every 3-6 months of interval. You never know a site might get handed over to a new webmaster and due to inexperience he/she might sell links to some bad neighborhood. You need to remain vigilant and ask the webmaster to remove your link at least, it doesn’t matter what you paid for that link but it is more of a worth to take your link off else you get penalized from google.

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