How to Add Subdomain in Godaddy

MAY 4 2010

Again a big thanks to Google for helping me finding answer to the question, "how to add subdomains in godadd". I received the domain credentials from the client and I thought adding a subdomain to TLD will be a simple task in godaddy. No, it wasn’t that straight and easy for me. I work more with other registrars than GoDaddy so it took longer than I expected to complete this simple task.

godaddy login picture

I landed on the home page of and used the information to login. System verified my account and took to the My Account tab, here is a list of domains that are registered under this account. When I selected the domain that I want to have a subdomain for, I simply clicked the link, hence I am lost. I went to many sections of the control panel before realizing that I need help.

Then it was a simple query for me to type in the google is “how to add subdomain in godaddy”. Wow, the first result from the list seems to be from godaddy and very likely the page will help me to find the answer looking from the snippet that Google shows on SERP.

Here are the simple steps to add or manage a subdomain in godaddy domain management.

  1. Login using this link.
  2. Click the domain that you want to add a subdomain for. You will see 4 buttons like the image shown below.
    manage domains
  3. Click the 3rd tab where it says Your Domains, you will be redirected to Domain Management section.
    add or manage subdomains
  4.  Here you will see the list of domains again, pick your domain where you want to add a subdomain. Remember if you have any existing subdomains then under Subdomains column you will see “manage” else a “add” link to add one. If you see “manage” link then you will see a “Add Subdomain” button at the top right corner once you click the link and go to next page.
  5. add a subdomainOnce you click the button to add a subdomain, you will see a popup box asking about the subdomain and folder credential. You can add something like and assign the /blog folder to be the root folder for this subdomain.
  6. Wait about an hour or so to propagate DNS information to all the server in order to test it in internet browsers.

Let me know if you have any doubts in adding or managing a subdomain in godaddy.

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Name: Chris Nielsen

Awesome, thanks for the tips, I find godaddy's site totally confusing, this had me going in seconds !!!

Name: kesavan muthuvel

Good one. thanks

Name: John H.

Thanks for the help!

Name: syam

thanks a lot for this useful information.

Name: Rutuparna

I have always found GoDaddy very confusing rather I found to be a quite user friendly website and the domain name registration and website hosting services to be of best quality. More more information about their services, visit:

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