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OCT 30 2008

You must have heard about "article directory", "viral marketing", "pay per click", "pay per impression", "organic traffic", "referral traffic", etc. logo Here I am going to give you a stat of article directory site ( and its advantage over ppc and ppi. I advised my friend to donate some quality articles to before 9 months and here is the result which clearly shows its power for pulling traffic and referring to the donator’s website later.

Article donated: 5 (300 Words Each)
Total cost in donating articles: 15 USD
Total duration since the articles are published: 9 Months
Pagerank of these pages: 0-3
Total referrals from in 9 Months: 2519
Pages visit per visitor: 3.44
New visitors: 92.81%
Average referrals per month: 280
Average earning of the website from a visitor: 5.5 cents
Total earning: $138.6
Total adjusted earning: $110.88
Net profit: $95.88
Net profit in percentage: 850% per annum

What you see at the end is the net profit after 1 year is 850%, isn’t it awesome? My friend just invested $15 and what he got in return is $110.88 through pay per click ads and little page juice after 9 months. I adjusted the net earning by reducing 20% because the average page view is 3.44 and the net average page view per user of the site is 2, hence the CTR will be low for these visitors. However, if you invest in PPC ads then you will have to pay at least 5 cents per click but here you have to pay .6 cents, around 1/10th of the PPC ads. Remember you will hardly get any traffic if you configure your max pay per click to be 5 cents.

Let me clearly write all the benefits of donating articles to

  1. Cheapest way to get traffic to your site.
  2. has dofollow links so you will get page juice to your website.
  3. More follow backlinks to your site will increase your chances of doing better in serp.
  4. It helps in branding of your website.

Disadvantages of submitting articles to article directories like

  1. People will copy it and use it all over the places.
  2. Mods at will take at least 1 week to validate and publish the article.

There is a fuss for discounting the strength of article directory sites by the search engines but I have not seen it getting true with As you have seen over the time search engines discounted the website directory sites so there are chances that the article directory sites will be discounted but remember still, and are not at all affected. If you ask me then I will surely suggest you to donate quality articles to as it is the leader of this trade and they do a great job in keeping the quality up. I don’t think is going to be discounted over the time.

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