What to do When You Find Someone Close to You is a Liar

NOV 19 2009

This is a post that I started writing 6 months back but never completed it, now I think this is complete. This will be a good post and a learning experience.

People lying excessively are normally called pathological liars, they can lie for any silly reason. What pathological liar means exactly, those who lie for no big reasons, lie spontaneously with big confidence and promise are known as pathological liars. There is no test designed to find such disorderness but if someone spends more time with the person can find that sooner or later. Now many questions come to mind, why it happens, how it happens, is there a medicine, how to find who is a pathological liar, how to stop chronic lying, etc.

Why One Lies Severely?

Many reasons are there to this question. One out of 100 of these cases a person might not be knowing that he/she is lying because of insomnia, anyone can have memory loss disease and bluntly lie because he/she don’t remember the past. Sometimes a person loves to live in the fantasy world and keeps on lying to make himself/herself happy. He/She gets addicted to lies and never feel like coming out. It is a kind of multiple personality and a mental disorderness that he/she never realizes. Few people are there who always lie to see others expression by coming up with such words so they do it without thinking that it is not an acceptable behavior. Some start lying fearing the front person and keep saying it until they find no other way out than coming up with the truth.

What You Can Do to Help The Person

  • Let the person know that he/she is lying for no good reason, don’t worry for the consequences because you are truly trying to help someone.
  • If a person knows about his activity then encourage him for facing the truth. There is a famous saying “If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” - Mary Pickford
  • Chat with the person and try to open up with him/her so that you get to know the reasons. Remember every problem in this world has a solution somewhere it is just a task for us to find it.
  • If nothing works then give some time. Sometimes time solves a lot of things that are not solved for years.
  • If nothing works then don’t get tired or give up because I am talking about your near and dear to whom you love a lot. Try your best I bet there is a way that you can find to solve the problem.
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Name: Wade U. Loss

Iím 27 years old and I experience a bad memory for #ís and names. I frankly imagine itís worse than other peopleís memories. Sometimes I believe I am losing quite a bit because of memory loss, but I donít recognize what Iím losing because I canít . Does anyone have any reason what could be causing this?

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