How Much One Can Do in a Year of Time

AUG 24 2009

Do you define it? Have you ever thought what is doable in a year? There is no definition, people are there who almost don’t do anything and there are people who become world famous in 365 days only.

Why am I writing this? Every year on August 24th I wish my friend on his birthday and write here about thing that I say him many times.

Everyone in this world is not as smart as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Sergey M. Brin who knows what they have to do in next 5 years. At least I can say at some point they even didn’t know what they will be doing in following 5 years, it is something they grew over the time. But they all must be scheduling their work ahead of time, if you start scheduling your work for a day then you will make it for a month. This is how you will start managing your time well and make some proper utilization of it.

How to Start Spending Your Time in a Constructive Way?

  • List all the work/events/job that you need to get it done.
  • If you know nothing then start creating work for yourself.
  • Give an end date when you want to see them get completed, schedule a date that is more likely not possible to meet.
  • Make some phases, divide the work into several parts.
  • Start with the Part 1 and proceed to the end.

Remember no work is SMALL and no work is BIG, all are relative. If you need to do something then start it because nothing will be done if you never start it.…

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Name: Aditya

vry truly saidÖ

Name: Rinku

Oops.. I did not see that yet.

Just in case anybody is wondering, That is directed towards me. We have been close friends since 2 decades now. I have been guilty of many things in life particularly not utilizing my time properly and i guess that is what this post is about.

Talking about time when both of us were 25 we were on a similar platform. Both of us engineering grads not taking life too seriously. Then i donít know for sure what happened San just started running. he has not stopped since then. In fact with passing time he is accelerating his activities towards greater achievement in life. He is already achieved a good deal for his age and I am sure one day he will be a big achiever primarily because of 3 things -

1. He Wants desperately to challenge his limits and is hungry for success.
2. He works as hard as he can and enjoys his work.
3. He Utilizes his time efficiently to achieve his goal.

A matter of fact 2 years back when he really started to go crazy on his work he tried all he could to bring me along. I did pay attention to what he was saying. Matter of fact most of the time i know what to do but i just didnít. Last year he wrote a piece for me and hes back again this year. I have not changed during the time period. I am still a lazy bump, dilly-dallying with my time. He Actually began to give up like a year back and i thought he has, but to my surprise i find this article.

I know a lot can be done in 365 days if even 50% of the available time to a human being is utilized properly. I am not sure, come Aug 24 2010, if I will be any different but i will try to. I am in all kinds of mess of late but i will make every attempt to clear most of the cub-webs.

This article rightly separates the Black and the white that are achieved by will and work.I am sure the next article will be a motivating, practical talk about some daily issue with me in backdrop. Let me try to make it little harder for him to separate the black and white next time. Hopefully there will be a brown element, and the next article gives San another feeling of success that - he was with constant efforts able to take the horse to a river and actually make it Drink a few if not much. But old habits they say die hard which is the case with both of us. He being on the white side is not the one needed to give it up but me being on the black side surely have some task cut out.

Thank you buddy for your endurance and support, and like all your ventures i just hope this one is a success too. We will be back here in 365 days.

Name: Rinku

OOps.. One Year has passed. Time Flies too soon.

Quite a few things have happened for me during the last year and life finally has managed to get going somewhat.

I have again not done over last year what could have been done but the last year has been my busiest. I have had fun as before but got some movement going for me both on personal and professional front.

There have been a few realizations, fresh change in thinking process to go with some Action. I would like to carry this attitude over to future years. There are small goals to achieve and I am trying to get to them. I will get back in another years time to see what i have done on those goals.

BTW, I would say my last year was satisfactory and will give myself a B for it.. Ha Ha..Doesn't someone always say be happy on small achievements.

Name: San

@Rinku, you rightly said time flies and i love it. I don't want to stop it. I am writing on "leading your life with some small goals to make it big". I will post it in a day or two. This is something taken from your current life.

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