Passenger Bus Regulations

JUL 15 2008

I doubt if we all follow the basics of passenger bus regulations. Here is a short story on how people don’t follow the rules and other suffers for it.

Today I was about to break my bones due to someone’s irresponsible move. I got on to my usual bus to office and couldn’t see anything clearly as it was very dark for me, this normally happens when you try to get into a lesser light area from a brighter place then you almost can’t see objects for a while. I was looking here and there to find a seat so that I can enjoy my ride to office but it was my bad, I couldn’t see someone kept his travel bag on the way. It came on my way and I was almost on my knees for that. The person even didn’t realize it was his fault and he shouldn’t have done that.

How to keep your belongings while traveling

  • Try to keep your luggage very small by packing only the necessary stuffs.
  • Try to check-in your bags whenever you get that opportunity.
  • If you carry-in then place it safely at your overhead shelf.
  • If you have a bigger bag and that doesn’t fit into the overhead rack then place it under the seat.
  • Still if that doesn’t get in there then there is a huge space behind the driver’s seat, you should try to fit it there or take the driver’s help to keep it in a safe place.
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