When not to Write on Your Blog

MAR 1 2009

I know this is a strange topic to write on as everyone online speaks about what and when to write, why it is “when not to write”? This is equally important but most of us never realize that we should be very much particular to the time when not to write a blog post. I have 5 most important reasons when one should not write a blog post, at least not to publish that immediately.

Over Emotional

Emotion is something where you should have your control on. There is hell lot of issues with the emotions so better you just keep your control over it. No doubt people will always try to play with your emotions knowingly or unknowingly but you should know that this is not the time to write anything. Take your time, don’t even create a page to write when you are passing this time. Time will pass and you might regret on writing the stuffs that you were not suppose to write, so let it go and write on things later when you are at your best.


Irritation, this is something very much related with individual’s personality, people get irritated on silly things and there are people who even don’t get irritated on major issues. It is very related but you should never write or get closer to your blog when you are passing through some kind of irritation.

Highly Depressed

Depression is a major problem for Americans and there are lots of researches going on for improving people who are going through this phase of life. This could happen to anyone, for any reason so don’t write at all when you think or people say that you are depressed. Normally a person becomes very pessimistic during this period and the words coming out might not take the best of the shape.


People say that I am bit angry, am I? This is also a complex expression and many just get angry on silly things and people also don’t get angry on major problems. You should be careful and try not to write when you are annoyed, you can write but not make that post live until you get your nerves back.

Over Excited

We get excited many times and later find it not a worth to get that excited for, few things/plans are specially designed to deceive people so take your time to validate those things/issues before you write on them.

Remember, the words coming from you in terms of blog post will be read by many people so be careful before writing anything on your blog. I was going through one out of these 5 phases when I thought about this post, I was very interested to write something but wasn’t very sure about the time and matter so thought not to write that and created this topic.

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