What to do when nothing seems to Work for You

AUG 24 2008

Well, everyone will have to go through this phase at least once in a life span. If not then the handling of issues and problems is totally different for you. You belong to a category where I and max people don’t land in. I have gone through this phase and figured out the ways to handle the situation when nothing seems to work.


What to do when nothing seems to Work for You


This situation occurs typically when you land on a place where every step you take gets you more problems or doesn’t get better at all. I will clearly describe couple of steps to follow when you land in such situation.


  • Sit back, take some rest, this means keep your brain off from all the problems. Best way to go for a short vacation, watch couple of comedy movies, visit your mom, get quality food by visiting the best restaurant, spend some time with kids(if you like them), spend some time at sea shore.
  • Now flush your memory, forget whatever happened to you and start it all over. Think you are totally new or novice at achieving your goal.
  • Make very small goals, as small like a cancer patient makes to live happily for a day. Yes, make goals as I made to run only 3 miles after my knee injury when I ran a marathon in past. If you lost everything then recall where you started and set a goal to reach your starting point.
  • Keep evaluating your success and modify your goals accordingly. Have your patience intact and keep doing the things which you are needed to do.
  • End of everything is to become happy on successfully completing your goals. I know these are very small in front of your achievements in the past but don’t worry and be happy as you are on the right track which leads to the same or better position where you got your setbacks.

This post I wrote targeting a friend of mine and today he is getting 30, he thinks he has done nothing in his 30 years of life and something to do now. My dear you should know people achieve in few days which are not achieved by others in years also. Good luck and get your better future, don’t wait or cry for it just go, get it.

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Name: Bilal Khan

i lost every thing i had, nothing seems to work for me, i try new things but those take time and by then i get demotivated

Name: San

Hi Bilal, good or bad is a matter of time so keep your moral up and look for people who are already suffering a lot more than you. Life is all about fighting for something good, keep going..

Name: Bilal Khan

nothing seems to work for me, i am looking for some new business/work form last 2 years now. from past few months i've started thinking more about it, which resulted in worsening of my health due to depression and anxiety. the question is what business should i start? and how to start...

Name: San

Hi Bilal, I am not a business expert but I will tell you few things from my father's and warren buffets(the best entrepreneur this world has seen). First thing have patience, increase your patience level. Don't get panic at any case because you can't take a good decision when you are panicked. To increase your patience and decrease your panic level try to love others and be a loved one, go for exercise for 5 days a week so that it reduces your stress level. For business do enough research before you put your first stone, be educated about the subject, try to work in the same industry before your start your own. According to Warren Buffet you should always have a secondary source of income, for example have a part time job, let your wife find a job, etc. If you have a constant source of income to handle your family's day to day expenses then you will have less trouble in your life. Last advice, don't go for high risk and high profit business, rather go for a low risk and low profit one. Good Luck!!

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