Running 3 Miles with no Pain

JUL 17 2008

Yes, one time marathoner is struggling to run only 3 miles with no pain. I have completed Chicago marathon, 2007 successfully but not able to make only 3 miles right away.

I have been running for a long time and completed one marathon as well. I am scheduled to run my next marathon which is in San Francisco but I can’t participate this time as I am badly hurt and struggling to run only 3 miles.

I was following my marathon schedule for San Francisco marathon, 3rd Aug 2008 and hurt my knee badly when I was running 17 miles mark. I remember that was scheduled to run 17 miles on May 17th that I completed after coming from work. I was comfortable during my run, I was also hydrating myself in regular intervals but I don’t know what went wrong for which I am not able to run 3 miles at least. After the run my knee started paining, I was not even comfortable to walk the stairs. I normally use ice once I feel any pain on my knee or ankles. That solved a little but not enough to get me on track. I took enough rest before jumping in to make the next run but I realized that knee is not allowing me to run. I kept trying to run with enough rest and proper care of my knee for one month but I couldn’t get any success.

Here is the time to visit a doctor in US, I am here since Aug 2005 but I never been to a doctor but this was an important call which I couldn’t deny. I visited two doctors and came with a conclusion that I will have to take more rest else an injection near the left knee to run San Francisco marathon. I choose not to run this marathon against the injection, still I am trying to run at least 3 miles every alternate day with no pain but I am getting no success. To keep up my metabolism I need to run and I am helpless right now.

How to Keep up Your Moral during the Tough Time

  • Keep patience and don’t break yourself.
  • Try to take advises from experienced people.
  • Take yourself to square one and start fresh.
  • Keep a short goal and achieve it so that you can look further.
  • Keep trying the smallest goal until you get your first success.
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