Can I Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Weeks

SEP 15 2008

Technically speaking yes, I can lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Now it is more important how I plan and commit it to achieve this weight loss. I know if I lose 1 Pound every week by burning more 3500 Calories more than my requirement, I will meet my goal.

I always wanted to get in to the best BMI since last year when I was training for Chicago Marathon but couldn’t hold too long for being injured during my San Francisco Marathon training. Now I have a clear schedule with my current stats to consider for the goal.

Current Stats:

  • Height: 5’5.5”
  • Weight: 140 Pounds
  • BMI: 22.9
  • Waist: 28
  • Love Handles: 31
  • Abs: 2 packs


  • Height: 5’5.5”
  • Weight: 130 Pounds
  • BMI: 21.3
  • Waist: 28
  • Love Handles: 29
  • Abs: 4 packs

Training Plan:

I personally think there are 3 most essential things to be taken care when it is something to deal with health, these are:

Food – This is very important to keep your diet in control when you are planning to reduce your weight. I will also not suggest losing your fat by only dieting; you should also workout in order to achieve your target. Here I have to burn 2300 Calories per day so I will keep my food in a range of 1300-1500 Calories so that I will burn the remaining from my existing fats. Don’t get duped with the calculation, you might be thinking about balance 800 calories multiplied with 7 days will reduce 1.6 pounds per week but in reality I am not going to workout 7 days a week and can’t keep my daily diet in 1300-1500 calories. I am taking the benefit of doubt that I might not restrict myself that much so in order to achieve the targeted weight loss I have to take fewer calories on any average day.

  • Morning – I always take tea with a cookie (200-250 Calories) and a coffee later so all comes to 300-350 calories. If you are following my routine then try to have a banana or apple with a cup juice by restricting to 300-350 calories.
  • Lunch – I am Indian so I love to eat rice with spicy curries so it is hard for me to restrict this below 600 calories but I guess I have to do it at any cost. I will have either a 6” sub from subway or my regular meal with reduced quantity. I always drink a lot of water which you can do as well to reduce your food intake.
  • Evening – I am still having 350 to 600 calories in hand, I either take a cup of juice or a tea in evening. Either of the case this will not be more than 100-150 calories. You can do the same and keep it under 150 calories.
  • Dinner – I can have my food in a range of 200 to 500 calories for my dinner, I always prefer to eat less in dinner as I don’t get enough time to burn it later in the evening. Just eat something before 1-2 hours of your sleep and restrict it to 500 calories as I am doing here.Finally I will end a day with maximum of 1500 calories and my daily requirement will be 2300. Remember I am quitting all fat foods like pizza, cheese, sweets, and snacks so you also do the same. I am also quitting beer/pops/cold drinks as that adds more calories for no valid reason.

Exercise – This will be the second most important factor in order to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks so I planed accordingly. I also consulted experts from body building forum and they said everything seems to be fine other than my diet limitation.

  • Monday – Run 4 Miles, lower and side abdominal exercises for 40 minutes.
  • Tuesday – Run 4 Miles, upper and side abdominal exercises for 50 minutes.
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Run 4 Miles, lower and side abdominal exercises for 40 minutes.
  • Friday - Run 4 Miles, upper and side abdominal exercises for 50 minutes.
  • Saturday - Run 4 Miles, lower and side abdominal exercises for 40 minutes.
  • Sunday – Rest

Rest – This is also equally important as stress might get you some injuries which will just spoil your whole plan. For me this plan is in control and I need to sleep 6.5 to 7 hours a day. Here I am trying to sleep more 1 hour everyday.

Let me know here if you think I should change my plan for some reason or you have scheduled a better plan to reduce 10 pounds in 10 weeks.

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