Visiting San Francisco, California

JUL 31 2008

I am excited for my trip to San Francisco, I planned it differently but can’t deny the fate as well. I wanted to run for San Francisco marathon 2008 but this seems to be impossible now as I can’t run more than 3 miles due to my knee injury.

I am not cancelling my flight ticket and finally visiting San Francisco for fun. I will try to update this post everyday while I am in San Francisco but in the meantime let me know if you know any places or restaurants where I should visit at least.

I know I promised to write something everyday so that you guys will know about the place and my where about but it seems to be impossible now. You all will have to wait till I go back to Chicago and update this post with some pictures of Golden Gate, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Old Fisherman’s Wharf, Bay Bridge, Yahoo, Nasa, Silicon Valley, etc.

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