Trip to India

NOV 21 2008

I will be flying to India tonight and this journey means a lot to me. I know I am getting married this time but not sure who is the bride. Isn’t it funny? Yes, it is funny, strange, unavoidable and many more. This is how many marriages go through in India and I am also a part of it. Though I never got a bit of understanding from the traditional marriage but I have no other options as I see the other kind has many flip sides as well.

I went through the process for 3 years for finding a life partner but still quite not sure who owns the race. This is universally accepted that beauties are the beast but what you think? Are the ugly ones always remain good to you? Probably many do but not all. If you find a beautiful girl with all other good qualities then you are the fortunate person in this world.

I listen to all and have my own metrics to judge the best and worst. Put in my calculator to find the result but this is something where I am having tough time. I want to decide my bride with all the facts but here it is been done on hypothesis, data is really insufficient to compute and get a result. What will be my assumptions then? Any predictions done on insufficient data could prove me wrong. Now you can see me that I am totally lost and struggling to get my ways out. Lets see how it goes.

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