BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Bartlett, Chicago, IL, 60103

AUG 31 2008

I visited BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (temple) many times, this is a beautiful temple near to Chicago land and only 35 miles from Downtown. To let you know this is a Desi temple and majority of the visitors are Hindu. All the major Hindu functions are celebrated here so this is a nice place to visit on special Indian occasions.

If you like to know about Indian culture, heritage, people, practice then please visit this mandir on a special function day so that you can enjoy the day and gain some knowledge.

What I like about BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (temple)

  • Free food on special occasions, how can you hate this?
  • The design of this mandir is stunning, the interiors are in wood and marvel carving which I loved the most.
  • I love temple that practices silence and this is the one so I like it.
  • Love to see lots of Desi crowd at one place and chat with them.

What I didn’t like about the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

  • The management people should speak in Hindi (national language of India) or English (international language), not in Gujurati (local language of Gujurat, India) at least.
  • Still to find one more issue to add here. I found more complains now. (update: 10/16/2008)
  • Girls don’t visit this temple wearing a sleeveless salwar, once the authority of this temple asked my friend to stay out because she was not in proper dress code that can be a jean and top but not a sleeveless salwar. This does surprises me.
  • Married women can’t hold their husband’s hand and walk in the temple building, wow, what’s wrong in this? The guards shout when they see such things, I am shocked.

If you guys visited any great temple in North America then share with us what you liked and disliked about the place/management.

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Name: Janardhan Raj

You are wrong I myself have been there and they ask you to wear a blue colored cloth no one that comes to this mandir is asked to stay out!
Also the volunteers speak in the following languages:English;Gujarati;and Hindi (national Language of India).
It is a Gujarati Temple so it makes sence if the staff comunicates in Gujarat.
It is important to consult other sources rather than to post such misguiding information on the internet.

Name: San Nayak

@Janardhan, I am sorry if you are hurt by my post but you are misunderstood at few of my points.

I am going to this mandir for last 8 years.

No one ever asked me to wear blue, this doesn’t mean they don’t say to people to wear blue because i might be wearing a blue color dress every time i visit there. You are never asked to stay away from the temple that doesn’t mean no one is asked for it. I clearly said “once my friend” and she was asked to stay because of a reason that i sited above.

Volunteers do speak in hindi, english and gujurati but couple of times they spoke to me in gujurati and i could answer them in hindi as i understand the language but can’t speak. They should start a discussion in hindi or english and continue to any language they feel comfortable with, this is just a suggesion, no hard feelings please.

You are purely mistaken here. IT IS NOT A GUJARATI TEMPLE, it is a hindu temple built by Swaminarayan sanstha. People of BAPS are not different, they are hindus..

I had substantial research and i think i am not wrong at my points it is just not well descriptive to make it clear. Anyway, my life will teach me more about BAPS.

Name: Janardhan Raj

Maybe you should look at the website Wikipedia is not a reliable source. You have not been going to the temple for the past 8 years since it was made in 2004 and the year is 2010 making the mandir only 6 years old. The Blue cloths are in a grey bucket right in front of the entrance to the tunnel.

Name: Janardhan Raj

Also I wanted to comment about the "no-holding hands". In our shastras when in a mandir it is important to focus on GOD and not anything else... So Stri-Purush Mariyada (Women-Men) are is nothing new and Bhagwan Swaminarayan also reitereates this in the Shikshapatri.

Name: San

@Janardhan, My apologies for saying that i have been visiting the temple for last 8 years, it is a typo because i came to Chicago in Aug 2003 only so it can't be 8 Yrs. Probably i meant 6 yrs.

I consider wiki is the best place for any information as it is controlled by the public and not by any individual or group so the information that you find there is not biased at all.

Holding your wife's hand doesn't mean you have no concentration on GOD and you are making romance there. I hold my wife's hand or my wife holds mine at places where we find crowd is too much, tomorrow i will have my kids and parents coming with me to same place and again i will hold their hand. This means support and GOD wont deny for that. Anyway, you are right from your point and i do cleared my points.

I never noticed the bucket or no one ever pointed me to go and get that. It is more convincing in Gurdwaras, and i wrap the orange scarp right after taking my shoes out. They have a bucket next to the door and you have less chance to forget it as everyone in front of you will be doing the same.

Name: rahul chaudry

when is the free food available ..

Name: San

@Rahul, I have no clue. I am guessing there will be some free food on weekend for Janmashtami, there was some food in Iskcon temple on wednesday though.

Name: reid crani

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