ERR 06: Self Cleaning Sensor Unit Malfunction. Consult with Canon Service Center

OCT 18 2008

Well, I just switched on my Canon 40D and saw this error "ERR 06: Self Cleaning Sensor Unit Malfunction. Consult with Canon Service Center" on the screen. Wait a minute, what is that I did wrong which lead me to this error. I tried to recall everything that I did in past. On Sunday I took almost 1300 pictures from Chicago Marathon 2008 and while downloading those to my laptop I didn’t follow the instructions given by Canon.

Canon says whenever you use the usb cable to connect your PC/Laptop then turn off the camera before plugging-in and turn off before plugging-out. Turn the camera on only after you plug-in the usb cable. I guess I didn’t follow the instructions properly. I am not a master in photography or in using this camera. I am just a novice so committed to make mistakes here but each lesson will make me better as a photographer.

Here is a solution which I found from this forum, it is a long posting there so follow my instructions and see if it works for you.

  • Turn off Canon 40D Camera.
  • Remove the main battery, it is also advised by the pros from the forum to remove the time battery as well.
  • Turn on the Canon camera after you remove the battery, keep it like that for 5 minutes. Try to take couple of snaps. Motive behind this is to flush all the remaining power in the camera.
  • Turn off the camera and put the battery back.
  • Turn on your Canon 40D and it works now.

Good luck guys! Let me know if this works for you.

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Name: Mark Laing

Great Fix!

Name: Ernest Werzinger

Didn't work for my XSI.

Name: San

Ernest, Sorry to hear that. Can you share how you fixed it?

Name: Ernest

Bought a 50d

Name: ag

it works man..freak me up..hugh!

Name: Vicki Rittner

It worked on my 40D, thank you!!!

Name: Wayne

Worked a treat , thank you

Name: Marina

It worked, thank you! =)

Name: Galia

It worked on my 40D, thank you!!!

Name: Damien

Worked on my 40D, great fix cheers.

Name: Wayne Smith

I was in the field when this error popped up, I turned the camera off and then back on, it has worked fine since then

Name: Wayne Osler

Thanks. Worked on my 5DMk111 perfectly

Name: Judi

Thank you!!! I just went to check my camera tonight. I have a photo shoot tomorrow, and it had this error. All fixed now!

Name: dhony

Worked on my 40d..great thanks!!

Name: Chris

It helped me with my Canon 40D! Thank you very much for helping me!

Name: mauro

excelente... muchisimas gracias... estaba muy preucopado con el tema. funciono perfecto. muchas gracias

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